dehydrating to soften

I absoloutely LOVE steamed broccoli and I HATE it raw. There are so many recipes I used to use broccoli in and I would love to have something similar. I have heard of people putting broccoli in the dehydrator to soften it a bit. Does this really work? Any suggestions?


  • Yes it does work. I have made sauteed broccoli and sauteed mushrooms by chopping the broccoli and/or mushrooms then coating in olive oil and dehydrating for a couple of hours somewhere between 2-4 depending on your climate at 115 degrees. It does taste like it’s been steamed or sauteed.

  • YES!!! Thank you!!! That’s the best news I have ever heard!

  • i love sauteed mushies…yippee skippee!

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Do you lay the olive oil-slicked veggies right on the dehydrating screens or could they be on a plate (less cleanup)? I read in another forum here that you can do this with asparagus as well. The recommendation was to trim off the woody ends, then split them in half lengthwise. Is 115 degrees a necessary temperature? I usually dehydrate eveything at 105, though I’m going to start doing my tomatoes at a higher temp initially. I read that it’s necessary to prevent mold from forming.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    How about marinating it to soften it?

    You can mix olive oil, lemon juice, and raw honey (I guess you can try agave) with a dash of salt. Marinate for a few hours… it will be bright green too!

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