Christmas Gift Idea

I would like to give my entire family a mini course on raw food. I am lucky that my family supports me but they still have no idea why i do the things I do (you could say I am the wild child).

I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, a step mom, and dad who all have different views and different fears or concerns about their diet; meaning, i would like the material to be very well rounded without being too offensive (for instance, i don’t want to give them something that says “don’t eat meat because it will KILL you).

I want to give them an easy to read guide with the following points: -why is cooked food bad for you -why is meat/dairy bad for you -why raw vegan is the best diet for optimal heath -i want to give them something on natural hygiene -vitamin deficiency mistakes, and myths (B-12, omega 3, protein) -food combining

Please add anything you think would be helpful to a person who knows nothing, but is not too overwhelming.

Also any sites, articles, books you think are good for this idea would be helpful, I have 2 months but I feel like I am in for a whole lot of work!

p.s. I am asking each of them to give me a picture of themselves where they thought they were the most happy, beautiful and in shape, and I am putting it on the outside of a raw journal for inspiration :D


  • Hi! I am in the same situation- my family is very supportive but they don’t really understand my whole game plan. I bought the Natalia Rose’s “The Raw Food Detox Diet” for them, and it made all the difference! In my opinion, that is a very good book for people who are just starting out, need alot of help transitioning, and who may not be ready to commit to a vegan (or even vegetarian) lifestyle. She just explains things in a way that is very easy for everyone to understand, and she lays out simple steps any person could take to become healthier. Anyway, good luck! Your family is lucky to have you watching out for them!

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    I was excited to read about what you’re doing. It’s wonderful!

    I would give them some simple recipes (green smoothies, raw soup, raw cookies, etc). Also, give them a list of resources for where to buy equipment and products.

    Cheers, Kristen Suzanne


  • yes..i do want to give them a lot of easy to make recipes for sure….I do want to make sure that I give them ones that do not require too much eqiupment, maybe just a blender (i know they all have one of those) they know that they can do it w/ little to no investment :).

    Anyone have a link to the a good raw food pyramid chart?

  • Update! I have enough info where I have typed “CHECK”, but could use some help finding more info on the other points I would like to include in their mini raw guide Christmas gift :)

    food combining CHECK Raw food pyramid CHECK Seasonal fruit/veggie/nuts list (for SoCal) CHECK Clean Water CHECK Easy beginner recipes CHECK why is cooked food bad for you …??? why is meat/dairy bad for you ...??? why raw vegan is the best diet for optimal heath i want to give them something on natural hygiene …??? vitamin deficiency mistakes, and myths (B-12, omega 3, protein) ...???

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