Agava Syrop, How Good It Truly Is?

Last week a contacted my Agava syrup manufacturer to check if it is raw, he told me its heated in vacuum so the heating temp is only 35c and also promised to send an detailed explanation of the process, I got it yesterday and here it what it says:

  • The first step is the collection of aguamiel which received then on a tank outside the plant, to avoid any spilling in the facilities, where it is coarsely filtered to remove any foreign material that may have fallen into the aguamiel. The aguamiel is then stored in a closed tank inside the plant. From that tank, it is passed thru a special process that removes impurities such as aminoacids and minerals. It then arrives to a reactor where the enzymatic hydrolysis takes place, and the hydrolyzed product is pre-heated.
  • The preheated product is then filtered to remove any impurities that may have remained with the product. The now clean, impurity free product is feed into a vacuum evaporator where it is concentrated into a 75 °Brix syrup.
  • That syrup is then transported to our plant in Cuquio, where the product is homogenized, the quality analyses are performed, and the finished product is packed. This is also the warehouse from where Nekutli ships worldwide to its customers.

So it seems they strip it down of all the goodness and leave only the sweetness, seems kinda processed, even though its not heated at high temps, what you think?

P.s not all Agava brands is heated in vacuum, some is not raw.


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    If you really have to work so hard at making it edible, is it really worth it? I mean, the point of raw isn’t the process things in a different way that doesn’t involve heat, the idea is that you eat things in their natural form. And really, it’s just nutritionally devoid sugar, why not just eat dates instead if you need sweetness?

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    RKC I just posted a blog about the damage to an endangered bat species from agave overharvesting of their food source. Thanks for this even more convincing that agave is not the greatest! I am not buying that anymore!

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