Does Agave Harm Bats?

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Hi Good day to all,

I recently heard that there is a species of Nectar eating bats that are endangered b/c of Agave Syrup harvesting whether for food or tequila making I am not sure.

this is the site I found… does anyone else know anything about this I love agave and do not want to give it up but also dont want to hurt an endangered species only food source.




  • I have read reports that the Mexican Long-Nosed Bat and the Lesser Long-Nosed Bat are declining. It seems to be a combination of causes. One cause is the harvesting of agave for liquor and as a sweetner. Another cause is the destruction of roosting sites. I have also read reports that say the fence on U.S./Mexico border is also a threat. Not just to bats, but many other animals and plants.

    Here is an article that mentions the threat the U.S./ Mexico fence has on the environment……

    Here is an article I appreciate…it explains why we should me concerned.

    Pollinators’ Decline Called Threat To Crop…

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