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Rep. Bachmann Wants Liberal Congress Members Investigated To Do Determine If They Are Anti-American.

MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

The rest of the world must think the USA population has been exposed to some kind of agent that is making them lose their minds,

Rep. Bauchmann, a proclaimed born-again christian and evangelical, is the latest female Republican attack dog. She was interviewed on Hardball and, after suggesting the public doesn’t know the real reason why Obama “pals around with terrorists,” suggests that the patriotism of all liberal Congressional Members is in question and they should be investigated for anti-American sentiments.

Watch the video: Re. Buchmann on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

The video also plays the current robocall paid for by the McCain campaign and the RNC, which strongly suggests that Barak Obama is a terrorist.

This is 21st century McCarthyism and just another sign that the country is going to s*. If you are as thoroughly disgusted as I am by this, please don’t hesitate to send a request to Congress asking that Buchmann be censured for her comment Here is that link: Censure Rep. Buchmann.

Thank you – a message from another liberal, which is the new code word for “terrorist.”


  • Ugh. Wow, McCain’s party sure is desperate!!! Signed!

  • I have listened to McCain and his party spread the word about Obama and his terrorist involvement over and over and over again.

    Here is my problem…if McCain wants to go on and on about this…I would like him to stand up and explain why approximately 800 American citizens were arrested outside the RNC. And then weeks later, he addresses the crowd as his fellow American prisoners. Is this a secret agenda we should know about??

    My point being, if the McCain party is going to go on about Obama and his terrorist involvement I would like them to explain this as well.

    Footage of Mass Arrest during RNC


    Host and Producers arrest at Republican Convention


    Maybe, I am missing something. (confused)

    Thanks for the link Meditating!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    SIMPLY RAW – The country we have all been told we live in, where personal, political and religious freedom are important, respected, and protected, DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE. If it isn’t happening to them, most people don’t care. The majority of people have stopped requiring any accountability for actions like those we both complained about.

    Most people don’t want to “waste their time” thinking about our social problems. This is why our social problems have multiplied so quickly.

    Most people will dismiss police abuse of others if you convince them the victims are undeserving and undesireable. The second best way to guarantee that is to call the victim a terrorist. This is exactly what Bachmann is doing. It isn’t an accident that she is an evangelical because delivery of or cloaking the message in a fundamentalist-type religion is the first way to stop most people from thinking about what is going on.

    We live in scary times. Things have been getting worse for years. It is imperative that people who still understand and care about how wrong these things are speak up. If not, more people will adopt the attitude that it just doesn’t matter.

    I hope everyone who cares will sign the petition. Personally, I will be pleasantly shocked if this issue gets enough attention that a censure is mentioned in the mainstream media at all. Even if it doesn’t, other elected officials may pause before doing something so awful if they think the chance exists there will be public outcry. This is why signing the petition is important even if it doesn’t secure its intended goal.

  • So I realize this may seem very far out there, but just consider this for a moment. I just watched “The Manchurian Candidate” tonight for the very first time (the classic- haven’t seen the remake with Denzel Washington, although I want to now) and oh my freaking gosh! Has anybody else seen that??!! There are so many similarities! it is FACT that gov’ts, both other countries and ours (U.S.), have been performing mind-control experiemnts since at least the early seventies and even earlier, using chemical drugs and also light/energy/radio waves (light and sound are both different wave frequencies of energy) to alter people’s minds. Again, it is proven fact that our human minds can be alterred or manipulated when certain light pulse/radio wave/energetic wave frequencies that match our natural brain wave frequency are employed- without the affected person even realizing what has happened. Documented scientifc fact. Not simply a theory.

    So if you watch the movie, the story line has that the corrupted political people keep the (uneducated about the truth) public mass in a frenzy and upset and angry by accusing any of their oppenents who disagree with their tactics, as communists. They attack the Congressmen who disagree with and oppose them as Commies when all along they are the fascists. It just is so bizarre to me that THAT is exactly what certain people are doing now, too, only the code word today is TERRORIST. Get the angry, scared, and ignorant (meaning “unknowing”) public riled up about who’s a terrorsist so they can continue on with their plans unnoticed by the majority! After all, it’s been working all along with the Bushes put into power and much much longer than that, why not continue what works; we people are too stupid to figure it out, they must think!

    I realize this sounds very “out there” and this is a raw foods site, not a “conspiracy” site (that word has been made to mean negative when in many cases I feel it really represents people who still think for themselves – not sheeple), but I do not visit “conspiracy” sites- believe it or not, and I just had to say something. From what I understand, too, this group of powerful elite have some kind of “code” where they have to “tell us” or “warn us” what they are doing so they can then say “Hey, we told you but no one would listen or put it together or believe those who did, so it’s not our fault you guys are too stupid to stand up for your rights. You deserve what happens.” that, or they do it just becuase they think we are too stupid to figure out it’s embedded code for the truth in some parts and they get a kick out of “foling” us. ANd also, if they put a movie out about it, then when some people do catch on and say something, the flock of sheeple population will call them “conspiracists” and “crazy” and peer pressure themselves into staying in their box of manipulated belief-system. ... And perhaps they tell it (the truth) to us in plain sight with the movies many times. Examples are “The Net,” Manchurian Candidate” (I’m guessing the newer one has even more recent info/types of newer discovered technolgy to manipulate and control people’s minds), and “The Matrix” and, no doubt, more I cannot think of right now. It is also a fact that television emits certain wave lengths that make us go numb and dumb, hypnotic-like, that is also addictive. That’s why we see children and some adults even who zone out to everything going on around them when they watch it. Why we adults can become conditioned to want to turn it on everynight for hour after hour even when we don;t even like the show we are watching- we just have to be watching something. And why some shows that give off certain rythms of light pulses from them cause seizures in people. (Google how hundreds of (600 or so!) Chinese or Japanese children were rushed to ER’s at the same time a couple of years back when they were watching a certain cartoon on tv, which they learned later caused the seizures by that.)

    Anyway, I am just venting. It’s making me angry that thisstuff can and has been going on in our world behind our backs, even under our noses and that good, innocent people are harmed because of small number of greedy, power-hungry, and weak people have sought power for generations now. And we have allowed it! It’s time more people woke up! It affects us ALL whether some want to believe it or not! If it doesn’t appear to yet, it soon will! History does repeat itslef until we learn and decide to try soething different- something that has not been tried beofre in the thousands of years of supposed civilized history here!

    Don’t think mind-control is possible? It’s old news already that it is. Google “MK Ultra.” FACT that it occurred in out own gov’t against our own unknowing population and then even our very own soldiers, unknowingly- that our own gov’t harmed them. Probably still happening covertly still. (check into what’s in the vaccinations our soldiers are forced to get, and now trying to force it on all children, then all citzzens next – in U.S. a least. chek into forced vaccinations for third world and African children and adults and how it is proven that they had Aids infected vacciantions given to them! Facts! It all seems to point to New World Order population control and depopulation “theroies” that have been rumored for a long time now. The internet is making it poassible for more people to find out about it though.)

    check out the links in: http://goneraw.com/forums/other-stuff/topics/an…


    Dr. Nick Begich- phd and author of Angels Don’t Play This Haarp amongst other books. seminars, interviews, etc after 20 years of study of the human mind, here discussing the energy frequency wave technologies and chemicals used by our military and gov’t for years now on our very own soldiers and unknowing public in manipulating people and experimenting on us- over 500,000 people since at least the 70’s http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3067216…

    “Nick Begich – Controlling The Human Mind”- 64 min -and then we have the evil Tavistock Group: http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwotavistockbes…

    more interviews with Dr. Nick Begich and others found here: http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members/nb…

  • Politicians are politicians. Nothing has changed. We will gradually know the truth after the elections. Time will tell if we voted right or wrong, but by then it wont make any difference will it?

  • Oh no, that is a defeatist’s attitude, to me. Perhaps both candidates or corrupt, one more than anouther even maybe, but that doesn’t mean there’s still nothing we can do to change our world despite how impossible it may seem. I believe we can definitely make a difference. I’m not talking about physically fighting necessarily, either. Violence only breeds violence. The answers to stopping what has been going on- the only way we have never tried yet – is in the endings, and last sections, of the videos that have been posted here on GR in numerous threads: movies including “The Secret of the Matrix” by David Icke, “The Moses Code,” “Zeitgesit- Adendum,” and “Secrets of the Mayan Calendar” amd “The Mayan Calendar Goes North” by Ian Lungold, all of which can be viewed at Google Video btw, and others no doubt. The only answer left for us to try is in really changing our thoughts, our minds and focusing on FEELING a new and peaceful world, a world of abundance and fairness for all people and things. Not just wishful thinking, but envisioning and “feeling” what a world like that would be like. Our thoughts create everything in solid form. Gregg Braden, scientist, author, lecturer also has interviews and books that explain it in the scientific detail of it. It is more than foo-foo fluff. We CAN change our reality by changing ourselves – by changing our way of thinking. Then it will bring about the next steps of physical change- the next steps will naturally come to us once we put the original thought foundation in place, once we “know” and believe the thought of treal change,not just merely hope for it but doubt. We have to save ourselves instead of hoping or thinking someone else will come along and do it for us. Doesn’t the Bible say, “God helps those who help themselves?” Whether you are religious or not, we have to help oursleves or we will not “be” helped at all.

    Those are my thoughts on it.

    And Global Coherence Intititative (http://www.glcoherence.org/) is a diverse group of top scientists, philosphers, business people, etc who are spreading the understanding that unified thoughts create coherence which manifests those thoughts much quicker, and they choose to promtoe peace for our world with all people who wish to join in with just your thoughts of peacefulness for yourself and all others. THAT’s a start. JUst like the Venus Project is a start,too. It can be done. It has to be done.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I get upset at what appears to be happening so obviously to some, while others deny deny deny. But in the end, I will choose to focus on the positive world happenign as we speak (just maybe not so evident yet still, but still happening depsite it- even because of it), but keep the negtive happenings in my peripheral awareness.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Gag. I couldn’t get through the video. Hearing this grinning moron babble on, inserting her favorite buzzwords into every other sentence, when she clearly didn’t know the fricking definition of the words, made me just want to stand up and punch her in the head.

    I don’t see anything different, or more(or less) dangerous than I have my entire life in this video with that yacking fool. Politicians are no worse now than they were 100 years ago. If you want to have fun, read old diaries written by this breed of numbskull.

    I do have to say, though, the idea of rubbing shoulders with a Weatherman is repulsive. The Weathermen were a bunch of well-fed, elitist pigs, getting their rocks off in their bored, meaningless lives by destruction. They were not liberal in any way. They didn’t stand for the oppressed. They stood for themselves. Like capitalists.

    Maybe that’s the socialist bitch in me talking and I just don’t like anyone, but I remember those scum pretty well.

    But thank you for the video link. It was good!

  • Aspire – I can relate to your posts and your venting. I have had similiar thoughts.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    TOMS MOM – Yes you are right about Rep. Bachmann’s talking points. She is hard to listen to and clearly is just a babbling box without content who is as they say “on message.” Sadly, many people are driven to believe her because the suggestion the next president is an anti-American terrorist in disguise leaves them paralyzed with fear.

    One of the primary rules in propaganda is if you repeat a lie often enough, most people will begin to assume that at least some of what you say is true. This is why the absurdity of the claim and the ability to disprove it doesn’t matter.

    There is no factual information to indicate that Obama had anything but cursory social contact with Ayers. Obama served on a committee with Ayers where Obama’s presence was not predicated by Ayers’. Ayers was a college professor who lived in Obama’s neighborhood at one time and there was no reason for anyone not already knowledgeable about his distant past to find him socially undesirable. Obama’s contact with him was the same as the contact anyone of us might have with a college professor who lived down the street. Since Obama was only 8 years old when Ayers was involved in those activities, there is no reason to imagine Obama automatically knew. When Obama did find out about Ayer’s background, he immediately distanced himself because any politician knows most American do not support the notion of rehabilitation or redemption (unless it is their family, friends, flock, or minister).

    Yes politicians have always been dirty dogs who cater to the most base elements of humanity and, unfortunately, most of us seem to just lap it up. However, I do not recall any candidate, especially in a presidential election, stating something about an opponent, real or imagined, that alarmed the public to a degree it was obvious people might want to assassinate him as a result.

    I never wanted to vote for Obama because at best I consider him the lesser of two evils. When Palin came into the picture, it became clear to me how dangerous she was and McCain was for selecting her. I then decided to vote for Obama. After listening to his support for the Wall Street bailout and my state’s electoral votes not being in play, I have decided there is more good than harm in this election if I return to my original decision to vote for a third party.

    Despite how I feel about Obama, I absolutely don’t want to see him murdered for his politics. There is nothing in his political agenda that warrants that.

    Maybe we are at a point where this type of politicking is business as usual. That really wouldn’t surprise me. I still think it is important to speak out against it rather than just accept it as due course, which is also my primary reason to support a third party. I do this despite the fact only a small percentage of the people actually seem to care.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    That’s so true, and people question absolutely nothing. They don’t care to. They’re lazy and bored.

    I know Obama didn’t rub shoulders with the Weathermen, this bimbo thought all she needed to do was to make the claim. What makes me want to puke more than anything, though, is listening to this semi-literate speak. I don’t know why, but watching some mindless retard with a title meander aimlessly through an interview just makes me want to scream. I honestly don’t know how she got through junior high with her poor language skills, and we’ve got creeps like this sitting in government positions, weilding power.

    Sometimes I’ll catch an old movie with some evil, fat, racist white politician and I’ll think, “Wow, that must have been a scary time to live in”. Then I’ll listen to pigs like Sarah Palin dribble her evil, and what the feck has changed?? People are so apathetic and bigoted, they’ll willing to vote in a man who whored around on his crippled wife, dumping her in the end for money, and a pig who targeted raped women for extra cash because they can’t admit they hate the idea of a strong black man in office.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    UPDATE: You have to be impressed at what an unashamed liar this woman is. I think she;s qualified to be VP.

    Bachmann: Talk show appearance `big mistake’ Minn. representative regrets ‘anti-American’ Obama comment

    Associated Press – Wed., Oct. 22, 2008

    ST. PAUL, Minn. – Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann says she regrets using the term “anti-American” while discussing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s views, a remark that could threaten her re-election bid.

    Bachmann told the St. Cloud Times on Tuesday that she “made a big mistake” by going on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” a show she said she’d never seen before her appearance last week. Her statement to host Chris Matthews that Obama “may have anti-American views” drew condemnation and helped her opponent, Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg, raise more than $1 million in just a few days.

    During an interview with the Times’ editorial board, Bachmann said she walked into a trap and did not bring up the term “anti-American.” Still, she said, “I should not have used that phrase.” Story continues below ↓advertisement

    Earlier in the day, Bachmann told St. Cloud Rotary Club members she would like to “take back” the statement.

    “I did not say that Barack Obama was anti-American, nor do I believe Barack Obama is anti-American. He loves his country, just as everyone in this room does,” she told the crowd. “Nor did I call for an investigation of members of Congress for their pro-American or anti-American views. That is not what I said.”

    Bachmann said that while she didn’t question Obama’s patriotism, “I’m very concerned about Barack Obama’s views. I don’t believe that socialism is a good thing for America.”

    The Rotary Club luncheon was her first formal public appearance since Friday’s interview, in which Matthews asked Bachmann if she believed Obama held anti-American views.

    Her response was: “Absolutely. I’m very concerned that he may have anti-American views. That’s what the American people are concerned about. That’s why they want to know what his answers are.”

    Bachmann said Tuesday she probably should have watched “Hardball” to see what it was like before she went on it.

  • I’m seventeen years old and I live in Minnesota. I have always supported Michelle Bachmann, I’ve met her several times. I like Michelle because I believe she always stands up for what she believes in unlike many noodle spined politicians of both parties in my state. She voted against both bail out bills because she didn’t believe the they were the correct solution.

    Anyway as far as this whole interview goes…I felt like her performance was not very good to say the least. For the record she didn’t say Obama had anti-American views she only said she was concerned that he MAY have anti-American views and she would like him to clarify. Still an ill placed slip on her part. Now her response to her slip brings me to the second reason I support her and that is if I could vote I wouldn’t vote for people because they were perfect and never slipped up or made mistakes. I would vote for someone who would represent my views. I would vote for people who know when they’ve made a mistake and are willing to admit it.

    Lastly I was offended at being called apathetic and bigoted just because I support Macain, Palin and not Obama.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Meditating, that’s called “back-pedaling”, and she’s no better at it than she is at speaking like someone who has a brain.

    secretcrowds, if you call what your senator did on television “a slip”, then maybe you should question your reasons for your support of bigots and misogynists, instead of being offended.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Hey…. another interesting (and scary) forum. Thanks for posting it Meditating
    I was at the gym on Friday & saw this Hardball interview when it first aired (I don’t see these things at home because I don’t watch TV)...
    In as much as MB wants to back-peddle she did INDEED mean what she said and said what she meant.
    Where are all of these Stepford-Politicians coming from? The Ann Coulter school of Hatred & Bigotry? Nevermind – rhetorical question. But it is rather mind-boggling.

    I was so pissed and upset at Representative Bachmann that I immediately emailed her campaign when I arrived home AND I also signed the petition to have her censured as soon as I saw the link for that over the weekend on either Huffingtonpost or CrooksandLiars.
    Keith Olbermann had some choice words to say to her, SP, and Nancy Pfotenhauer, and the Maverick himself in a recent “Special Comment” on ‘Real America’.

    secret[crowds] This will come off as patronizing and condescending (although it is not my intention), but you, at 17, do not seem to fully understand what fascism is…. or who Senator Joseph McCarthy was…. and all of the lives he ruined with his unsubstantiated ‘communist sympathizer’ claims before his own ultimate demise. The words and posturing of Michele Bachmann are, to borrow the words of Katrina Vandenheuvel, ‘congresswoman (Michele Bachmann) channeling Joe McCarthy’.
    This was not a “mistake” on her part. She is a dangerous incendiary woman
    It is also interesting that Republicans turn a blind-eye to SUCCESSIONIST Sarah. How is she NOT anti-American? Being a successionist is about as anti-American as you can get.
    Please do more research on ALL of the candidates you support. I seriously doubt that they are what you believe them to be. I also suggest that you also read The Constitution.
    Here’s one link where you can start:

    aspire thanks for bringing up “The Manchurian Candidate”. That is one of my favorite films (the original – not the Hollywood Over-hyped M. Streep version). I blogged about ‘The MC’ in this thread:


    Meditating I think you are absolutely right with your comments – and this one in particular:
    Most people don’t want to “waste their time” thinking about our social problems. This is why our social problems have multiplied so quickly.
    I’d like to add that these social problems become more and more compounded when people INSIST on voting for candidates who truly do NOT have the citizens best interests in mind – but rather the best interests of Corporate America.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    btw… another RIDICULOUS claim-to-fame for Michele Bachmann… is her act of Banning the film “Aladdin” from being shown at a Minnesota charter school because she believed it supported Paganism & Witchcraft—two more topics which she is incredibly IGNORANT & NAIVE about.
    And even if the film was about Paganism or Witchcraft – the 1st Amendment to the Constitution is about RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. And that means ALL RELIGIONS (including NO Religion or Atheism).
    secret[crowds] ~ Repression of Civil Rights is an Extremely Dangerous thing.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Banned “Aladdin” for its support of paganism and witchcraft??

    She must have crapped when Disney’s “Snow White” was shown.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    yes TomsMom she did do that. Keith O. brings it up in his “Special Comment” piece I posted above from HuffPost (in bold)...
    Thanks for the chuckle about Snow White. Honestly can these ReCons get more insane?

    A warning/disclaimer in advance (regarding this next comment) to anyone who is really squeamish, but this was just too funny….
    And this is the YouTube direct & non-edited version:
    I still really don’t like the word, but hey – he’s the one who is a woman-hater. He deserves a comeuppance or to be in some way called-out about this and the public deserves to know what kind of ‘man’ he really is.

    addendum: Here is a sample of JM’s voting record on Women’s Issues:

    and summarized more eloquently by Eleanor Smeal in “An Open Letter to Senator McCain”...

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Ban Alladin? I guess Disney forgot to donate to her campaign!

    These hyper-religious nuts with fundamentalist leanings are the scariest thing going on these days. They are the human equivalent of the plague. I think there is a real possibility that one of these whackos will be running this country in the next 25 years. I hope I am dead by then.

    They are the worst corporate stooges too. Their religiously inspired leaders love to kill more than anything. They want to protect fetuses but boy they sure like to murder people. Can you imagine how many wars we would be in right now if a true Jerry Falwell or Pat Robinson follower was in office? I don’t think George Bush was a real religious nut job but instead wanted to feed those in his base enough blood to keep them happy. Look at the damage he caused. I always suspected he understood how dangerous they were. I think George was really inspired by transferring public assets to private groups while socializing their expenses/losses.

    I am all for people wanting to believe what ever they choose, but one thing all fundamentalist type religions share is the goal to remake government in the image of their religion. Freedom is their #1 enemy. This is why they want to do things like ban books and movies. They are terrified people will think about something other than what they want them to think about. It is a form of mind control.

    One of my favorite bumper stickers: Fundamentalism – It Stops A Thinking Mind.

    SECRET CROWDS I realize you are only 17 and don’t know who McCarthy is, but you should research him. He started by doing the same type of thing Rep. Bachmann did and that is why those of us who are old enough to know about him react so strongly to her, What she did was use a political tactic that is very dangerous, intentionally hateful, and intended to decieve people like you who aren’t familiar with it.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    UPDATE: Rep. Bauchmann enjoyed a comfortable lead in her re-election bid; however, since her well-publicized Neo-McCarthy comments, the race now appears to be a statistical dead heat with a small advantage to her democratic rival, Tinklenberg.

    Bachmann’s district is solidly republican and her re-election had been a given. The RNCC has cut off funding to her campaign (citing her $1 million war chest) while her rival has raised over $1.4 million since Bachmann’s Hardball appearance.

    Given the constituency of that district, it will be one hell of a score for Tinklenberg to take that seat. Fortunately, there are still enough people alive to strike back because they know what those type of comments do to others. When it happens 40 years from now, no one will remember and “those who don’t remember history are condemned to repeat it.”

    Bachmann has admittedly been so damaged by her divisive speech that she has publicly apologized and is considering new campaign ads with her apology.

    I hope she does because I think that will sink her. Several years ago I have a good friend who has managed numerous federal campaigns. One (state) campaign I worked on with him had a somewhat similar issue where the incumbent co-opped a criticism our candidate made into his campaign ad. When I saw the ad, I thought the guy might regain his losses. When I saw my friend, he said “Isn’t the new commercial wonderful!” I thought he was being sarcastic but he was serious. He explained why those type of commercials always backfire. Let’s hope she runs the ads and the theory still hold true.

  • thank you for posting that video; I needed to see that. wow. just. wow.

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