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Hi all, I am on day 35 of my rawhood, and so in many ways just getting started, but I’m not really seeing or feeling the common raw benefits I’ve heard and read of. My eye, skin, and hair vibrancy are rather dulled, and I am not experiencing the clear-headedness or abounding energy I would think I would’ve by now. My question is if the transition into these qualities will take several months, or if something is off or missing from my diet. I have been close to completely raw, nutritional yeast, extracts, and herbal teas being my exceptions. I have not used any supplements or superfoods, and after several home sprouting disasters, have gone light on the sprouts. Could there be a deficiency here? or am I just not giving it enough time? All your thoughts and ideas very heartily appreciated—no one around knows what to tell me!!


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    Could you post what your normal diet for a day is? There are many things that could contribute. Also, it took me about six weeks to finish detoxing. So you may have a bit more to go. I remember being very tired and dull for the first month and a half. Also, you may not be getting enough calories(something I struggle with) and that could contribute to your low energy.

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. I normally eat fruit till mid-afternoon: 4-5 apples, and every now and then a banana (in accordance w/ food combining guidelines). Later in the day I will juice some greens, and/or make a big salad (kale, mesclun, broccoli, seeds, sometimes nuts, w a ginger dressing) or concoct one of the raw recipes I have been learning from this site (zuch. noodles, raw soups, etc.) I have been making almond milk, dehydrated bread, and frozen chocolate desserts, too, but I munch on these last 2 only occasionally. I have been worried about eating too many nuts & seeds—maybe up to 2 tbsps/day, which seemed like a lot for a short-statured and slow-to-metabolize woman like myself. (In the old days of SAD, nuts were avoided at all costs!) Of course, fats have been welcomed back into my daily regimen, but I am still worried at times about over-doing it. That said, I haven’t been worrying about not getting enough calories, simply because I feel satiated most of the time. I hope this background info helps! And many thanks again to troublesbubble and all.

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    That definitely helps alot! Okay, first of all you, like me, have not nearly enough calories during the day. To help remedy this I began drinking a smoothie in the morning with a table spoon or two of coconut oil(helps in weight loss and adds good calories). It helps me to be energetic at work. The nuts I would continue to avoid seeing as they are probably not raw(sorry, it’s really really really hard to find raw nuts) but I’d keep seeds in and eat them often. The reason for this is, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds have many minerals that most other raw foods do not have. They have omega-3 fatty acids which are important for weight loss, shiney hair, beautiful skin and general health, they also have levels of zinc which is important and extremely rare in raw foods.

    Now, that being said, I’d give some more time as well. Detox takes a while. I hope this helps a bit!

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