Substituting parchment paper for teflex

Hello joyful raw people!

I just got a new dehydrator (yay!) and can’t wait to make some of the “bread/cracker” recipes. Last time I tried it though, I used parchment paper, and the crackers stuck to the sheets, so it was really hard to peel off and I lost a lot of crackers as well as having crackers with pieces of parchment on it.

Anyone else experience this? What do you do so it doesn’t stick?

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  • I use the teflex sheets that were available when I purchased my dehyrator… They really work well and usually just turn them over onto the shelf half way through the drying time and peel back the sheet from the cracker, no sticking or loss…

    Hope this helps!!!

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    MARMRA – I hear you on the parchment paper. I have found that wax paper works better than parchment paper but I feel better using parchment. Perhaps if you got a squirt bottled and sprayed a litlle oil down first. Just a thought I haven’t tried.

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    Yes, experiment with different papers, I used to use parchment paper and it seemed to work ok before I got my teflex sheets. You could brush the sheets with a little oil and that might help. Also, look for ‘teflon’ sheets in your supermarket as these are the same as the teflex sheets you buy for the dehydrator.


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