PMS Migraine

I haven’t had one of these in a little while… And in fact I thought it might have been related to something else.. then I realized I am eating non stop and my period must be coming..

It just kicked in and as I recall NOTHiNG ever seemed to help me with these when I was younger..

Anyone got any super foods I should try? I am about to head to bed but I am pretty sure I will be dealing with it all day tomorrow..



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    Migraines can come on for all sorts of reasons. They’re horrible things. When you’ve got one, it’s best to rest and apply pressure to points in your head whilst breathing deeply and then release the point. Generally, prepare 2 weeks before a period to up your B vits, good carbs and don’t stress out. Watch chocolate too.

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    I used to get migraines in the worst way. It was related to dairy(I was thirteen at the time and eating SAD) and when I cut out dairy I didn’t have so much of a problem. Now I get a migraine about once a year and it’s always during my period and usually during a stressful time. NOTHING has EVER worked for me but I’m definitely going to look into B vitamins.

    What I do when I have a migraine is find the darkest coolest room and take it easy. I can’t lay down because for some reason it’s more painful that way. I apply a cool rag to my forehead, keep my eyes closed and play really relaxing classical music because that sometimes soothes me to sleep.

    I wish I had some superfoods for you to try. Keep us updated on how you are!

  • I recently read that cinnamon can help headaches. Maybe try putting a teaspoon of cinnamon in a smoothie : )

  • You know what is really strange.. I had some warmed almond milk with vanilla in it last night, like I always do before bed.. But at the last second (for some unknown reason) I decided to change it up a bit and added some cinnamon.. And my headache isn’t quite as bad as I was expecting it to be today.. coincidence.. I have no idea…!

    I should be taking some Bs anyway! I also have no idea how not to stress out.. it’s probably the 1 thing I do best.. haha. I am stuck having to go to work today so perhaps I’ll have some more cinnamon on my way out the door.

    Thanks guys!!

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    aww, hope you start feeling much better! I definitely know what you’re going through! Cinnamon it up!

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