ISO Steel dehydrator

I’m certain this has already been posted somewhere, i could have sworn that the forum used to have a search option but i no longer see it.

Has anyone found a steel dehydrator with stainless steel shelves? The only steel dehydrators i see have chrome plated shelves.

With all this talk about plastic lately, i’m not sure if i want to throw caution to the wind. Thanks guys!


  • Yes, I have one. It is called the SauageMaker Dehydrator. They have both the chrome and stainless shelves to choose from.

    You can order from their site.

    Don’t be put off by the name. It is a very powerful dehydrator (more powerful than the Excalibur) and it works great for raw food.

  • Thanks! I appreciate it! It’s good to know someone on here is happy with it too, since dehydrators are rather pricey.

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    If you’re running Internet Explorer, searching is currently not possible. Hopefully, when Kandace and Ray roll out the new and improved site, that will no longer be a problem. Most features are working well with FireFox, so you might consider downloading it. For future reference, you could also do an advanced Google search and include GoneRaw in the search. Here are four of the more recent dehydrator threads.

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  • Well, how considerate and organized of you, emptpdmom! Thanks!

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