Hard to find organic food


I am new here.

I am finding it very tough in my area to find organic fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds, etc.

I did find a store that sells organic flaxseeds.

Just wondering how important it is to have the organic foods in the RD???

I suppose it is better to be raw and just wash the food really well, then to eat all the processed foods with all the chemicals in it anyway.



  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    It’s waaaay better to be raw even if it isn’t organic than to eat processed food. Organic is preferable of course though. I also have trouble finding alot of organic produce. I can easily find all the organic seeds, oils, etc. online. Also, if you like nuts they can be found organic online as well.

    Eat as best as you can and it will be a huge improvement! Good luck and welcome!

  • Whereabouts do you live, rawcanadian? If you have no access whatsoever to organic produce, then would you consider ordering some organic seeds from a reputable source and sprouting them? You could even get a greens sprouting kit and grow your own microgreens, which are delicious.

    My supermarket sells some organic produce, but at a high price. I try to buy organic when I can, but the bulk of my produce is not organic. I wash everything well. For highly waxed fruits like apples and oranges, I give them a scrub with a paste of lemon juice and baking soda, then rinse really well. I’m sure it doesn’t remove everything, but my apples no longer have that sticky or powdery feel.

    It is definitely better to eat a varied diet of raw foods that are not organic, than to eat highly processed foods of any kind, even organic. There are packaged foods that are made from organic ingredients, but it doesn’t mean they are healthy. Eat as high raw as you can, based on what’s available, period.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i agree it’s better to be raw than cooked organic. BUT, remember you are a valuable to your super market. try going to customer service and requesting they stock organic foods. this is a growing trend and i doubt they will deny that. it may take a while, but keep asking (heck, get your friend to ask too!)

  • I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario. I was looking through a flyer today,and saw that A&P sells some organic fruits like apples and pears. We also have a Zehrs and I live about 20 minutes from the US border. It doesn’t look like I will find all the fruits and veggies in one store, but I will just keep looking, and try to shop at the stores that do carry some.

  • You live in the Niagara region yet you can’t find organic produce??? I realize that winter is approaching, but what about farmer’s markets? They may not be certified organic, but local farmers will tell you how they grow their produce, if you inquire. They tend to use as few pesticides as possible. As for A&P and Zehrs, both are part of national chains and should carry at least some organic produce. I live in the Windsor area of Ontario. As a transplant from Toronto, I’ve certainly found that my Zehrs and A&P have far less variety of organics than in T.O., based simply on demand. But, the stores won’t start carrying more organics unless customers request them. There’s nothing a store likes less than throwing out rotten produce because nobody bought it. A year ago, the organic section of my Zehrs was half the size. It’s growing all the time, as people slowly catch on to the idea that some things are worth paying extra for.

    Don’t bother going to the US to find organic produce. Even if there’s a Whole Foods beckoning you, you won’t be able to bring any produce back to Canada. Specialty items that are packaged can be sourced there, but your produce will be confiscated at the border, if it’s found.

  • The Niagara Region is a big area to cover. I will keep searching for farmers that sell it, but there seems to be no easy solutions. Everybody is hooked on processed foods, and going to the local supermarkets proves this. There is a food basics about 1 minute away, with a big market section, but no organics. I will let the stores know about my concerns, it may help. Thanks.

  • have you tried searching on localharvest.org? from my initial search, it shows several farms in your area: http://www.localharvest.org/search.jsp?st=109&t…

    check it out! :-)

  • This might also be of interest to you: http://csafarms.ca/CSA%20farmers.htm

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