Hi there. I purchased some vegan aloe vera juice today to help with nutrient absorption, as well as the digestive system/gastronomical system. (been heavy on the nuts and fats for a little too long…) anyways, what are the best ways of taking this aloe juice, and at what times of the day?


  • hi aylee! Sometimes before bed I drink about 3 ounces of aloe vera juice mixed with a little lemon and some stevia….it makes it taste like a really refreshing lemonade and it DEFINITELY helps the digestive system do its job in my experience.

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    I have a friend who suffers from something for years she thought was severe acid reflux(turns out it’s something to do with her stomach and digestive system). She’s not raw but very open natural remedies. She recently got some aloe vera juice and liquid chlorophyll.

    She didn’t see any directions on the bottles and is just sort of taking them and experimenting. Is there a special dosage for them?

  • the guy at my health food store said to start out with 1 oz of aloe juice at a time and see how it effects you and then increase by 1 ounce every day until you are taking about 4-6 ounces daily. He said some people have no trouble with it and some people get really bad tummy aches, so you just have to see how you will respond to it.

  • I heard that the internal health benefits of aloe are completely lost within a short period after extracting the gel from the aloe plant’s leaves. My understanding is that it’s best to buy an aloe plant, pull off a leaf when you need it, soak it in water for 10-15 minutes to remove bitterness, then cut it lengthwise and scoop out the gel.

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    Another thread that discusses Aloe is aloe vera… what next?.

  • lovely, thanks everyone. And thanks 1sweetpea. I much prefer the DO IT YOURSELF theory. Though… this could explain my sore tummie all day today :(

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