My just starting RAW experience

I started raw at Creative Health Institute in Michigan. They teach a 2 week course how to eat raw.

My blood pressure went from 190/85 to 117/62. I was off blood pressure meds with my cardiologist approval in THREE days.

My cholesterol went from 270 – to 105! That was in 2 weeks.

My kidneys creatine went down to normal and totally surprised my nephrologist.

And this too is totally miraculous: Days before I went to CHI, I had a heart artery 70% blocked. Two weeks after I started raw, I had a nuclear stress test. The doctor said, “I dont know about this diet you are on; but I will tell you one thing – IT WORKED. I dont see any blockage.”

I also lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks.



  • My mom and I went to CHI in Michigan’s open house a few weeks ago and heard Victoria Boutenko speak. It is a lovely place, wish I could afford to take the course! Anyway, YAY for you! Isn’t it amazing?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    wowee! I love these good news stories. Keep hearing the most amazing things about the creative health insittute, I’d love to go and visit there one day.

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