Too Much Fat

OK so my diet has evolved going into the fall from mainly fruit, I even did 80/10/10 for a while, to a lot of fat. Now I have a big Salad in the middle of the day consisting of 10 or so tablespoons of dressing (the dressing is almost 1/2 usually raw olive oil, a little over 1/2 other ingredients) as well as 7 or so tablespoons of sunflower seeds on the salad. Some days I snack on up to nearly a cup of sunflower seeds throughout the day. THe rest of my diet is pretty much all fruit – for example, 2 pears and 3 pounds of mango might be what i eat during a certain day besides the salad.

I think this is linked both to changing climate (fall), lack of availability of fruits that I like (peaches, plums, etc) this time of year, and the fact that I was feeling underweight. I didn’t gain any weight on the scale (maybe 2 pounds or so but nothing big) but I did gain a very healthy and vibrant look to my face as it was starting too look tooo skinny, particularly around my temples.

But eating these fasts feels fine to me. I didn’t start to get body odor (sometimes from non-raw olive oil when i am forced to use it). I feel good and actually feel more grounded and focused than when I was nearly fruitarian. I am not overly tired and still thrive on not too much sleep if need be. The only problem is I definitely move my bowels less than I used to, which I don’t like – but that may be from not drinking enough water.

What are people’s ideas here on the amount of fats I am not eating and abut fats in general? I know the 80/10/10 people will beat me over the head but I’m expecting that.

I haven’t posted much on here lately as I have been very happy and stable in my raw food life and just going day to day happily…not to say that posting on here was a form of unhappiness, but I am just sooooo busy now and being raw for over 6 months at this point, it’s such a normal way of life that I rarely even talk about it anymore, online or in person. I guess that is a good thing? lol


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Hey there caveman. I think it’s great that you’re willing to evolve in your diet and that you’re feeling good!

    I’m just now coming up on my six month anniversary of raw as well and am feeling great too. Right now I’m doing a four week 100% (which means nothing even remotely questionable including all oils, nuts, and spices) raw. Up to this point I’ve been on and off 100% percent but never below 80%. I just wanted another clean slate to see how good I can feel before the pressures of heavy food around the holidays come along. I don’t intend to indulge but I do know that I’ll allow myself small portions of vegan cooked foods so that I won’t make a scene with the family.

    I never think about how much fats I get actually. I thought I would obsess over it since I did that when I wasn’t raw but now I just eat whatever I crave so long as it’s raw. Then in certain social situations I would eat a little cooked and feel terrible for three days. I still never crave any meat(I never was vegan or vegetarian before raw) or most any cooked foods though.

    So enjoy the fats and fall weather!

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