how does one work (or leave the house) when juicing??

Hi there. I am new to raw and slowly transitioning. I am out of work for a medical problem but I am hoping to return at least part time as soon as I can. My dr and other alternative health professionals and websites have stressed the need to juice and drink many of your meals, esp when you have a serious health issue. My question is….how does one juice several times a day if you need to work or go out frequently (I know the jobs I have had will not let me take a blender in and juice on my breaks, what ever breaks i did have ;) Also, I was told that you need to drink the juice immediately to retain the enzymes, minerals, etc…so…how does one juice throughout the day unless you are at home? I am looking into upgrading my juicer and I was told the greenstar would be a good bet to make juice that will last a few days…(I have another post on juicers)

Any input is really helpful!!



  • i worked part time 20-40 hrs a week while doing a juice feast (the place i work likes to surprise me…) i got two soft portable coolers (brand name inner cool i think) that i could shove 3 or 5 quart sized mason jars with juice in them into it

    the thing i liked about those coolers was the flexibliness cause its just easier to carry and the fact that they have their own ice-pack type lining, so you stick them in the freezer for 20 minutes and the juices stay all chilly in there for quite a few hours

  • Hey Rawforhealth, Hey there. I’m on a juice fast right now and whenever I do it and go to work, I make the juice in the morning and pkg it in 1 ltr bottles. Once at work, I put it in the company fridge and drink it throughout the day. PEACE

  • It’s important to fill bottle that you’re putting it in completely. You can even over fill so that it spills over, and seal the cap tightly. This way oxygen won’t get in and destroy the nutrients.

  • I use the Green Star juicer, which juices in such a way that the enzymes remain vital for up to a couple of days, if the juice is stored in an airtight container. I have to admit, we generally only juice on weekends, because the cleanup is laborious with the Green Star, but we’ve juiced on a Sunday evening and had it for Monday and Tuesday, before needing to juice again. We make big batches of one kind and enjoy it for the two days before doing something else.

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