best juicer???

I have a low grade juicer that doesn’t produce much juice and is costing an arm and a leg for produce…i need to upgrade as I plan to juice alot more often..however, I also need to leave the house alot for appointments…I am in a dilemma about which juicer to get…I need one that produces high quality juice, does it somewhat quickly and is easy to clean up. I was recommended to the greenstar because i was told i can make enough juice for 2 days or so and take it with me since it is less likely to oxidize..however, it is very expensive and also takes alot of manpower to use and also clean and I am afraid that will make it less likely for me to use.

Another one i was recommended to was the Omega 805, which I was told has moderate speed, cleanup and very good juice, just not as good as the green star…i am not sure if i can juice ahead of time with it and my energy is so limited right now.

The raw foodist and nutritionist I know raves about the Juicer Elite for the speed and easy clean up and prep, however she said since it is centrifugal, juice needs to be consumed immediately and cannot be made ahead of time….she is home during the day alot as she works from home….so…i love the speed and the easy of use and clean up but i am going to have to juice alot more often and might not be home all day to drink it.

Any suggestions?? My nutritionist has both the elite and the green star and uses the elite when she is home most of the day and the green star when she needs to go out and prepare juices alot. Of course, I would need to wait for money to do both.



  • hi, i have a green star, i used it for my juice feast (5-6 quarts a day) that ended a little over a month ago. I found it to be really great in terms juice quantity and quality. The veggie pulp it makes is just freakishly dry it sorta crumbles in your hand. I also noticed that after a month of just green star juice, when i got some straight veg juice from a juice bar that used a centrifugal it tasted horribly bitter and gross, not like the yummy straight greens from the green star I was making.

    it is pricey, but for the volume of produce i juiced, i basically ‘bought’ the whole machine in a month in terms of the reduced amount of produce i had to purchase.

    I know a lot of people don’t like it for the clean up factor, which is obviously an extremely legit reason but I did notice though that after a very frustrating first two weeks with it, where i thought it was impossible to clean, i got it down to a good routine and learned some tricks (best angle to brush the screen at, etc.) and i was cleaning it in about 5 min (1-2 songs on the radio) before rushing off to work. It is still probably more work than other juicers though.

    i should also mention that i had a very similar, frustrating experience with the actual process of juicing with it at first-i couldn’t get it right and it was taking so long…i then learned to do stuff like vary the produce i used (instead of 10 straight, whole leaves of kale-lol)and put smaller pieces of the dense leafy greens in and it worked fairly fast.

    i’m confused by what you mean with manpower though. it didnt take any effort to push the produce down. are you referring to the weird little video on the green star website? julliano(is that how you spell his name?) looks like he’s really pushing on it, but i found that all you have to do with certain things like the last bit of really thick carrots is lean your body weight on it, no actual muscle use necessary-which would have been an issue for me before my juice feast as well. I used to have an old centrifugal omega that i used for the first bit of the feast, and for everything except carrots it took soooooo much energy to push stuff in, i couldn’t do it alone in the morning on an empty stomach, i got dizzy from it

    I hope this info helps you somewhat. two more things-one have you heard of the super angel juicer? its supposed to be like the green star but better-might be worth investigating two-is there anywhere in your area where juicing demonstrations are done? where i live i know some natural food stores do them, i went to one, it helped to see stuff being used in person.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    LOL! I was just reviewing the super angel juicer 10 minutes ago because it looks so darn cool! Now does the super angel juice fruits better than maybe an earlier version? What I have read was that fruit does not juice well, turns into mush, but is the super angel a new and improved version?

    We like the green power twin gear, my brother likes the green star twin gear. We used to have the Samson single auger and that was nice too, similar to the Omega, took only a teeny-weeny bit more time to push things thru (like carrots), but when compared side-by-side, the juice and pulp from both the Samson and the Green Star tasted the same. The Samson is similar in shape to the Omega I believe…

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