Thinking about going raw...

Hi everyone,

I have been reading alot about raw food lately and I am interested in taking the plunge to go at least 75% or so raw. I am not a vegan however and plan of eating raf as well (our family already eat raw dairy). Anyone else here not vegan?



  • My Boyfriend is not a vegan. He is working towards 100% raw but incorporates some raw cheese and raw dehydrated salmon. He did say that some day ( if he tolerates it well ) he would like to be a raw vegan. I just want him healthy and happy so, mission accomplished.

  • I eat raw goat cheese (occasionally raw cow’s milk cheese) and raw egg yolks, though I haven’t had eggs for a while. I blend the yolks with fresh oj or whole peeled oranges. It’s delicious! Sometimes I just eat them with a spoon.

    I’ve never had raw fish though—something about the texture of it doesn’t seem appealing to me. I usually steam my fish (almost always wild-caught salmon) when I have it.

  • I am a raw vegan. But I do believe that every little bit counts. Even 75% raw vegan will immensely benefit your own health, that of the environment, and the welfare of many animals. Every little step you take in living more conscientiously is going to make a huge impact not only on your health, but also how you will impact the lives of others, how you choose to live your life, and the impact your lifestyle and your daily actions will play on the environment.

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