shipping raw?

I’d love to make a batch of onion bread (too yummy for words!)to send to my children (Aspen, CO and New York City). Can it be shipped/mailed?


  • If you have a vacuum sealer, you can seal the onion bread in so that the pieces can’t shift around individually and break. Sealing the bread will keep it fresh as well. I’d suggest shipping it overnight, though, so that the bread arrives at its freshest. You can’t control the temperatures the bread will be exposed to during shipping, so the less time the bread spends in transit, the better. I’d also suggest packing it in a box that is filled with something soft to keep the bread from bouncing around within the box. That way, even if you mark FRAGILE on the box, if it gets tossed around, it won’t harm the bread. Give it a try. Worst thing that happens is a box of onion croutons arrive instead of onion bread. LOL! Just don’t try to ship food outside of the country.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    We did a raw delivery service and sent raw bread in the post all over our country. As long as you dehydrate it fully, you can just put it in a plastic bag or a airtight lunch box and send it anywhere. We never used a vacuum sealer, just normal ziplock bags.

    There are plenty of raw food companies that ship dehydrated snacks every day.

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