so confused..can someone explain some of these terms to me??

I am so confused by some of the ingredients used in raw cuisine, like macca powder, algae, germinated, etc

Can someone please explain to me what the most common techniques and ingredients are, i’d greatly appreciate it!


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Maca powder come from the Peruvian maca root. It is a superfood that balances hormonal levels. Algae, such as Klamath Lake Wild Blue Green Algae, spirulina, and other microgreens are miraculous foods. They are very unusual in that they are rich in protein while containing no fat at all, unlike nuts and seeds. They are very cleansing ad energizing, and make a difference in smoothies and other recipes.

    When you see the word “germinated” next to a nut or seed’s name, it simply means to sprout the seed (the equivalent of germinating) until you see a tail. To do this, you soak the seed in water for twelve hours and then drain off the water and rinse the seeds a few times. Put the seeds in a jar with a top with holes (comes with sprouting jars, available at health stores) and turn the jar over at an angle for several hours. Do not keep the nuts in water after you soak them. Rinse 3 times a day for about 2 days and the seeds will be sprouted. Remember, don’t keep the seeds soaking in water while they are sprouting; only do this at the beginning as I said.

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