questions about sprouts and sprouted nuts/beans/seeds

Ok..i have some questions about sprouts…I have yet to start sprouting because I don’t have all the stuff I need so I am just buying some sprouted beans and nuts from the store (very expensive!!!)


- can you eat sprouted beans raw? if not, how are they incorporated into a raw diet?? I bought sprouted chick peas and adzuki beans and am afraid of eating them raw

-is there a difference between “sprouting” and “sprouted nuts, beans, etc”? I ask this because i eat sprouted nuts and they look nothing like sprouts..they are just plumper and much more yummy than regular. I have seen sprouted seeds, etc that actually look like sprouts…some of the sprouted beans I have look like they are started to grow sprouts, if that makes sense.

Also..what can you sprout and where do you get the seeds, other than online…i see recipes that call for sprouted quinoa and things like this…are there seeds for this or do you use regular quinoa??

What is the difference between soaking, germinating, and sprouting?

How long do the sprouts last?

I have a sprouting bag with some beans to sprout but it says i need a certain container to keep them in…what are they referring to?

Sorry to sound so naive but i am so new to this and so confused ;) I don’t have much money and read that sprouting is something that can be done cheaply

Thanks so so much!!!!!


  • Go to This will answer a lot of you questions. Some people have problems eating raw beans. The ones I like is French Lentils, black eye peas, peas, adzuki. Nuts like almonds will just have a little nubbin at the end.

    Sprouting is in the proscss of sprouting the seed. Sprouted is ones that are already sprouted. Sprouts last 3-5 days. When you put them in the frig., they will still be growing only slower.Buy as much seed, grains, beans, lentils and peas at your health food store.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Yes, you can eat store-bought bean sprouts raw. They are very tasty in salads. Soaking is just soaking in water. Sprouting and germinating are the same things.

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