how do you keep greens and veggies from going bad?

I recently bought a whole bunch of greens…they go bad before i can eat them…i guess i overbought because the market is not too close to me…is there a way to keep them staying longer? i read about certain types of veggie bags but not sure where to get them..also..can you wash and chop veggies/greens ahead of time to save time without using any nutritional value and will washing them make them go bad sooner?? You’d think i never bought greens and veggies before ;) I have for many years but just let them go bad and had to replace them..sick of it and wasting alot of money so need to remedy this asap! thanks ;)


  • I find that if I wash certain items with my veggie wash, that the veggies go bad quicker. not sure why~.......truthfully though, I just buy my tender greens, like cilantro, spinach, and baby lettuce, every 3 days or so. I just stop at the store on my way home from work. Never tried those greens bags. I know they only last about 5 times or so, so wouldn’t be worth it for me… they’d be used up by the end of the week!

  • For herbs like cilantro and basil I put them in a flower vase with filtered water and change the water everyother day or so. Then snip off what I need as I need it. They stay fresh quite awhile and look pretty too.

  • I have used and still use the green bags. Mine last about 4-5 months in constant use. I also use the Food Saver with their hard containers. The only thing I dont put in the Food Saver containers is the brassica family. Like kale, brocc. etc spinach, and cucs.. The radishes I take the tops off and put them in the F.S containers. They will last a month or more.The same is of celery, and green onions. Firm tomatoes also do well in the containers. I am only able to do my shopping once a month and I have almost no spoilage at the end of the month.

  • thanks so much!! what is the food saver?

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