Any Suggestoins on where to buy

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy sprouting trays, soaking bags and things like that? I just bought some “raw oats” from – but now they arent responding to me :( and i havent gotten the order or anything.

I have found alot of great online videos that show how to sprout and make some raw foods – they have been a great help.

Thanks! Feebee


  • Lots of nurseries will give away trays at the end of the year – brand new or sometimes with a crack or something. Even the trays they give you just to carry your plants in will work. They have kind of a large-holed mesh bottom, but if you put a sheet of newspaper down before the soil it works perfectly. Most newspapers now use vegetable-based ink, so I don’t worry too much about it as long there’s nothing too colourful – you might be different.

    Unless you’re really set on using a sprouting bag, I’d just use a jar/bowl/cup/any container at all for soaking. Then you can rise in a colander or sieve. Or pick up some cotton or hemp fabric and make your own bag. Two seams and a drawstring aren’t too hard – get a kid to do it if you can’t ;P

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I just use things I already have. Like for sprouting sunflower seeds I use a big strainer. And for buckwheat I just do it on plates and bowls. I soak everything in bowls I already have. No need for any special equipment really, if you don’t want to.

  • if you want to go the expensive route, the Sprout People have trays, seeds, and other supplies, as well as tips on growing:

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