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I’ll be traveling for work to SF in November (mid nov) and looking for ANY and all suggestions on where to eat raw, good stores where i can pick up raw supplies I cant find in Chicago etc – Any info is appreciated! :) I heard alive has a good stand at the ferry bldg farmers market? I am going to try that for sure – any suggestions on what to get!? Thanks!!


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    i’ve only heard of cafe gratitude. it looks really good, but i’ve never been. have a good trip!

  • Cafe Gratitude is VERY expensive, but then all raw restaurants are, I suppose.

    There are Whole Foods, Rainbow and other co-ops which are organic and expensive and small groceries where you can get cheap, but not organic fruits and veges all over.

    Farmer’s Markets are around. I know of one downtown at Civic Center on the weekend but there are more. San Francisco Living Foods Support Group website. They have potlucks periodically, but I have never gone. I eat at home.

    There are many, many vegans and raw foodists in this city, you will get along fine.

  • Cafe Soulstice in San Mateo and Palo Alto has some great stuff. It’s my favorite! Have fun. Cafe Gratitude is also lovely. This list will help:…

  • San Francisco has some of the best produce I have ever had in my life. I’m not a huge Whole Foods fan – I get all of my food from the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building (a smaller version is there on Tuesdays) and from my local market, Real Foods on Polk Street and Broadway. Almost all of their produce is organic and most is local – they get from a lot of the same vendors who are at the farmers market, and they tend to tell you exactly where their products come from. They also have a pretty decent selection of raw ‘cooking’ ingredients and packaged raw foods like sprouted and dehyrated nuts and granola. The farmers market at the ferry building is just awesome – expensive – but awesome. Alive does have a booth there. I’ve tried several of their items and was not impressed, but that is because of how complicated raw foods end up tasting to me. Everything tasted too sweet and heavy – nothing had the lightness of just a beautiful salad. I haven’t been to Gratitude but have (non-raw) friends who love it. I keep meaning to go… SF has such amazing produce that I don’t think it’s necessary to eat the heavy mock-SAD foods to enjoy being raw or mostly raw. There is another market, Rainbow (mentioned by ungrateful), that supposedly has lots of great bulk raw items like nuts and stuff, but I won’t go there because of a boycott against all products from Israel that they tried to organize a couple of years ago. They will not get my money – ever – due to that move.

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