Washer-Dryers (mostly used in UK)

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I may have to buy a new washer and I was thinking about getting one of those units that both washes and dries, which have primarily been marketed in the UK.

I would assume since no hot air is used your clothes last much longer. If that is the case then goof because other than jeans and linens, I try to air dry my clothes.

They are suppose to use less water and electricity.

Anyone out there with actual experience using one? I would love to hear from you.


  • I grew up with a combination washer/dryer… Toss in your dirty clothes and 2 hours (not sure how long, but long) later pull out clean dry clothes… It was just ok because of the time factor. It did a great job… Not too sure if I would buy one now as it just doesn’t take long to do a wash cycle. Then the first load can be drying while the second is washing… I feel the total time for one load in the combination machine takes more than double time as a regular duo set…

    Have you looked into the steam units???

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    The model I am starting to research is actually a steam washer-dryer.

    LG Steam Washer/Dryer Combo

    If I buy one, I will probably wait until the summer after I find out how spring business is. The economy is such that I am unwilling to spend this much money unless I have to.

    I rent and this requires no venting but I would have to have a 120v outlet installed and I assume my landlady would be cool with that.

    Also, it would give me room in my terribly laid-out laundry area to access the inlaid shelves in the wall that my washer is in front of. Even more importantly, if I get the riser underneath I would not have to bend over and when you have a back injury that is worth much. That and the extra room are my primary motivators.

    I have read they are noisy but I’m not sure I buy that given the technology used. The biggest complaint I have read is that they don’t really dry the clothes. I am not sure how I rate that. This complaint has been around for years and would keep most consumers from purchasing. It seems hard to believe new technology hasn’t addressed that.

    If you look at the first review on the link, I suspect it is a planted review. The “owner” has posted the same review on numerous websites. If reviews can be planted to help sell a product, they could just as easily be planted to favor the traditional split units.

  • I have one, a Haier. It croaked after 4 or 5 loads and I’ve been waiting for the replacement motheroboard for a month and half or so now. It’s gotta be shipped from China…it’s still under warranty, though.

    How did it work? There were lots of suds without a lot of detergent, and it didn’t dry the clothes all the way…so I’d put it on the dry cycle longer, then they came out wrinkled. It does generate a little bit of heat as it’s on 120V.

    I was just getting to the point of when to take the clothes out and how long to leave in some of them when it croaked. It’s also very quiet and energy star rated for saving water and electricity. It’s 2×2 footprint saves a lot of space.

    There is something to be said for being able to do a load of wash and dry at the same time, but there is also something to be said for putting a load in at bedtime and having it done in the morning…

    Because of how it spins, your clothes are supposed to last longer, in addition to the lesser heat.

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    MR. MICKMASTER – I looked at the Haler model too. I thought I would have more luck in the US with either the LG or Bosch products as far as service went.

    If the clothes are just slightly damp I don’t have a problem with that but I do like my towels dry. I would miss being able to put on warm winter jammies or heating up a blanket before jumping in the sack.

    I would be really pissed to have to wait that long for a replacement part on any washer much less a brand new one.

    Thanks for your input.

  • Meditating I’ve emailed my son to see if he can give you more information and a better price…

    Doubt if he can but it’s worth a try, don’t ya think???

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    Hi Meditating, I have an washerdryer in the flat we rent, it is a built in one that came with the flat, I can’t remember the make but it works well for drying clothes, they are always 100% dry. From memory I think the wash takes about one hour 30 min’s and then extra to dry clothes – an hour maybe? mainly I don’t used the dryer bit and just hang clothes in the spare room but when I do use it it works well. I put it on before I go out in the morning as the spin cycle of the washer is quite noisey… hope that helps in some way :-)

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