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how do you eat less on this???i am so hungry

question for you all…i have read alot of people saying they eat LESS on this diet than cooked…i am just wondering how since I am starving all day…i am eating way more nuts and seeds than i’d like since i cannot eat fruit and i am not full from greens alone…..

Is this because they drink more?? I do not drink enough…i have a neuro disorder that destroyed my hypothalamus (thirst response)..i try to drink as much as I can but get nauseated by too much water, it’s the only thing i drink because i don’t do sugar in any form, except occassionally.

i am also wondering if i, like many people, have been getting way more protein than i needed and having a horrible time eating less protein….all i know is i am going around starving all day and needless to say, irritable!!

thanks for any info.


  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    firstly, give yourself a break. Your current health problems will complicate things for you at first. Trust in Raw Foods and they will go away but not on day 17.

    Hunger:-: Cooked food causes stomach paralysis within’ a few minutes of eating. This is your stomach shutting down to delay dealing with the poisons. This blockage in our system is what we learn to be “feeling full”. It is not.

    Raw Food will not cause this reaction. You will get used to it and learn that you have probably never actually experienced hunger before.

    My first 2 years on raw, I ate loads of food. Now I eat about 3 cups a day.

  • Why don’t you eat fruit???

    Try making a smoothie of.. 1 carrot, 1 rib of celery, cucumber, several tomatoes, 1” ginger piece,2 cups water, ounce aloe vera, 2 tablespoons ACV, half cup of soaked seeds or nuts and fill the remainder of blender with Spinach or Kale… Since you don’t do fruit, use 4 or so dates to make it taste better… I divide it into thirds and put this mixture in two containers for two other meals … then drink the last third for my second meal of the day…

    My last meal is usually a huge salad with nut pate` and crackers… Of course, my first meal is nothing but fruit… As many different colors as possible, almost forgot… I always include 2 tablespoons of chia seed in my morning and afternoon smoothies… I am never hungry until it is time to eat… I seldom snack or drink water as the water is always in my smoothies…

    Hope I have been of some help… Good Luck and Welcome to our community!!!

  • I second a smoothie. I’m not great on fruit myself so I prefer to blend them into smoothies. You can also make some healthy cake by combining nuts/seeds with some low sugar fruit like apricots and gojis’, coconut etc. Why not try making burgers too as they are nice and filling. When you first go raw, your body will crave more food because it has been starved before of minerals and now it wants them through the raw food. Best of luck on your journey.


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    People who eat less do so in terms of calories – greens are super low in calories, so I can’t imagine ANYONE getting enough to eat on greens alone. :) For more calories without eating fruit, try buckwheat groats. You can soak them overnight, then rinse & either blend them up to make crackers (add garlic, water & salt when blending, then stir in some flax, spread it out & dehydrate it). Alternately, you could just dehydrate the soaked buckwheat & add it to your salads for more calories. Avocados are another good non-nut source of calories, and they have non-sugar carbs, as well. Fresh guacamole with buckwheat crackers has been on my mind today. :) Also try jicama & other root veggies, as they are more dense & may help because they’re more filling.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It just takes a little time. The cleaner your insides are, the more nourishment you can take in from the food, so therefore the less you need. It can take ages for all the mucoid plaque etc to be dissolved from your guts. Some speed the process up with herbal cleanses like Ejuva, and also colonics and enemas.

    Are you making food you enjoy? Making something really decadent, tasty and raw is a cure for my irritable moods sometimes ;)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I like to squeeze a little lemon or lime into my water when I’m having trouble getting enough of it – I seem to go through phases when water just tastes gross, and the citrus kick really helps me drink more without getting nauseated.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    chris—i did not know that about the stomach and cooked foods. that makes a lot of sense. thanks.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    angie—i soak my buckwheat groats for a MAX of 40 minutes. is overnight better?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    pianissima – Hi! Good to see you on here. :) I don’t know – I’ve sprouted them when only soaking for 30 minutes, but I am getting them wet again by rinsing them a couple of times a day. They may be fine after only 40 minutes. I just figured I needed to let them germinate longer when I’m dehydrating right away instead of sprouting – totally made up by me. :P

  • thanks so much for your help!!! Oh..i don’t eat fruit because when I do, my candida gets worse…any form of sugar worsens it and also..i try not to eat very sweet stuff and by not eating any form of sugar, i no longer have ANY sweet cravings.

    As for the burgers and crackers, do you need a dehydrator?? I have a blender, fp, and juicer

    Oh…as for the tummy ache. it is worsening as I increase the raw foods ;(

    Thanks again!!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    If your tummy is having a hard time, maybe try adding lemon juice with or just before eating your greens. It helps them digest better. Soaking muts & seeds makes them easier to digest, as well as reducing the amount of fat in them. Yeah, burgers & crackers use a dehydrator – sorry, I forgot to ask what equipment you have. You can also use sprouted buckwheat groats blended up in the food processor with oil & salt & things like sun-dried tomatoes (softened by soaking), garlic, etc. Then use the mixture to stuff cabbage leaves, or put it on slices of zucchini, or eat it as a “casserole” with chopped fresh veggies mixed in. Another thing to try may be sprouted lentils. They’re one of the easiest things to sprout, and it’s fast – they only take 2 days. You can add them to your salads, too. Another thing to consider for your tummy might be the water – if you are not drinking enough water, all the fiber you’re eating may make you constipated & bloated. Try making blender soups if you can’t do smoothies. That’s another way to get more water in. :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Or juices! I forgot you said you have a juicer. Juicing can be a good way to get hydrated & get lots of nutrition in at the same time.

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