Making Carrot Juice: Peel?

Just wondering what people here think about peeling carrots for juice. If the carrots are non-organic then would you peel them.

Since they are in the ground anyway, I don’t think they would contain too many chemicals, other than the chemicals that are in the ground and in the air.

While on the topic, I don’t see how organic veggies wouldn’t have chemicals in/on them. The chemicals are in the air/water, and there is no place on earth to hide from this.

Anyway, just a simple juicing question, since a lot of the nutrients are on the outside of the carrot.



  • If you trust your source, then you could get coarse sponge and really wash the carrots well. The non organic carrots get sprayed with a variety of poisons. Just rinse off a non-organic carrot under the tap, then peel another. Eat the peeled one first, then try the unpeeled one. Which one is sweeter? If I buy the young carrots with their tops still on, I usually use the scrubbing sponge and give them a vigorous scrub before using them, if I don’t want to peel them. For juicing, we don’t peel carrots, but we DO scrub them well.

  • My carrots went bad :-(

    But I had to juice something, just had this strong urge,

    so I ended up juicing 2 oranges (peeled) and a kiwi (not peeled but well washed).

    It was very tasty and not as sweet. I think the kiwi skin hid the sweetness.

    I need to go shopping for some carrots. ;-)

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