Is anyone gaining weight?


I feel like im eating so many sunflower seeds and nuts and am gaining a steady one pound per day. I do work out at least one hour a day (running, weights etc) but i probably do eat too much.

Does anyone else feel they gain weight being all raw? I can not eat just vegetables. i just cant. i need more substance than only vegetables and fruit.

Does anyone else experience this?


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    hmm, I’ve only lost weight but have a couple suggestions.

    If you don’t feel full from veggies but are eating to many seeds and nuts I’d suggest making a large salad and including all the veggies and for a dressing use Zoe’s Spring Onion Seed cheese as well as sprinkling sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds on top. It’s sooo filling and you get a bunch of veggies with minimal seeds!

    Or you could do more puddings. This one is rich and not fattening at all. 2 bananas, four dates(soaked), ground flax and a small spoonful of coconut oil. Blend and enjoy! I put my favorite frozen berries on top.

  • Here’s a terribly personal question, but are you drinking enough water to move those nuts and seeds through your system and out the other end? They could be piling up inside of you, causing only a temporary weight gain. Also, I would suggest eating lots of greens, fruit and vegetables, THEN eating seeds and nuts only if you are still hungry. What I’m saying is, don’t eat the nuts and seeds instead of the fruit and veg, but in addition to them and at least an hour after the last fruit or veg meal, so you know if you’re truly hungry or not. Make smoothies with greens, banana and chia seeds. They will definitely fill you up. Do you have a dehydrator? Maybe you could make some flatbreads using grated zucchini and carrots or beets as a base, with only small amounts of flax and sunflower, sesame or pumpkins seeds. The flatbreads will be lower in fat, but dense from being dehydrated. Drink a lot of water with the dehydrated foods and I guarantee you’ll get that full feeling. It’s just too easy to overeat nuts and seeds. I’ve done it many times. Nuts and seeds are so calorically dense. Unless you are burning off ALL of those calories, they’ll stick around and make you gain weight.

  • Hi – thank you for the replies. I do have a dehydrator. This weekend im making the nut free bread again – i really like it. it has buckwheat and flax, but no nuts. I try to make dessert type things with just oats and carob and mixtures like that. I might not drink enough water. I will try to drink more of that. I do feel like things are piling up in me and i actually dont feel that good at all.

    I, like i think many americans, have a hard time even recognizing “full” and “hungry” and “satisfied”. I am not overweight by any means…but i find that im either starving or stuffed. im not sure what it is, but i have such a hard time finding that balance.:(

  • I know exactly what you mean, though I’ll stretch your boundaries to include Western society. It’s not just an American phenomenon. I digest very slowly, due to lingering damage due to 13 years of eating disorders. I have no idea when I’m satisfied OR truly hungry. I tend to think I’m hungry most of the time, even though I’m sure I’m not. As for being satisfied, my problem is that I don’t feel full until I’m overstuffed, then I feel like crap. I’ve had to resort to dishing out single, normal-sized portions, then walk away from the food as soon as I’ve finished my portion, whether I feel full or not. An hour later, I AM full. I just can’t tell while I’m eating or even 20 minutes later, which is when the average person will feel full from a meal. Drinking water has helped me feel more full throughout the day, and really helps me move that vast quantities of fibre I consume through my system. I think over time you will begin to need less food to feel full, because you’re getting such high quality from each individual fruit, vegetable, nut and seed. I’m hoping this will be the case for me, because I gain weight easily too. I’d like to lose a few pounds, but I’m currently finding that I’m maintaining my weight, but not losing. I attribute this to the fact that I’m probably eating too much. My food choices are outstanding. I’m just overindulging most days. To most SAD eaters, it might not seem like I’m overdoing it, but I know I’m eating more than I need to to be at my peak healthiness. I’m just struggling with this fullness vs. emptiness thing.

  • 1sweetpea - That’s exactly how i feel. And another REALLY weird thing…I just read a post you posted about that feeling you get through your body when you take your first drink of alcohol. I have the SAME THING – i have asked so many people about it – and NO ONE i know has the same thing. what the heck is it!? it’s like i can feel it through my veins a tightening and musclular feeling – then it goes away. it’s just for a minute or 2 after the first sip. SO ODD. and i cant belive i just found the first person who has it too!

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