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Ok I have been reading everywhere and Prill Beads keep popping up I need clean good water and have read Prill will do the job. Now here’s my Dilemma I live in Ottawa and can’t find em anywhere or can’t find any one with enough knowledge to talkto about them. I have been told you only need to get them once and there good for a lifetime… I have been told you need to buy them all the time….. I have no clue how they work and all the topics I find on a forum and so scattered I can’t make heads or tail’s of it. So if anyone out there has experience with Prill Beads the please by all means share…..

P.S If your in Ontario or Ottawa or know or a place here that has them please let me know….

Thanks So Much



  •… This company is on the west coast, but I’m sure they’ll ship to you in Ottawa.

  • Thanks I’ll Give the site a look up…

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    BRADLEY & CINDY – I have never read that prill beads clean water. It is my understanding that they only lower the ph and alter the water’s microstructure. I am very suspicious of the claims made by those selling these products, such as it put the “life force” back in water. Give me a break!

    I read up on magnesium oxide (which is what prill beads are made of) and water properties when I first heard of prills. The only claims of it lowering ph were made by vendors. Although I found no scientific evidence of this, I have a friend who tested her water ph before and after prilling and the water was slightly more alkaline after prilling.

    I did find some information, not from vendors, that indicated magnesium oxide MAY affect the microstructure of water.

    I actually bought some and keep them in my water cooler based on my friend’s findings. I buy water that has been cleaned (RO, carbon, and UV), re-mineralize it, and then store it in my ceramic cooler with prill beads. In my opinion and surely others may disagree, based on what I read from the more reliable sources, I would never assume prill beads would clean my water.

  • Thanks for the information Meditating,

    It's good to know and helps in making a decision on what to do.


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    BRADLEY & CINDY – BTW, Love your pic. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

  • Thank You: Meditating It was for sure the day we will both remember and cherish for the rest of our lives…

  • I read and studied quite a bit on water solutions. I too had trouble finding enough info on Prill beads, but they didn’t sound like the “real deal” to me. I bought a Berkey filter and have been quite happy with it. It’s a wonderful way to clean water and very economical and environmentally sound.

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