Forum Bugs

I posted a reply to a “what do you eat every day” thread and tried to bold some of the text in my reply. I surrounded the text with the star character, but the post did not appear with the text in bold. Also, when my reply posted, the line breaks were messed up on the lines that I had tried to use bold text on.

When I tried to edit the post with the problems I click “edit” and I just get a spinny logo and the page doesn’t change. This might be due to my locked-down browser at work (IE 6.0.2 on Windows XP).

Good site design though, works well and looks clean!


  • Hey there! Thanks so much for the feedback. I did see your post, and for me, the text you’re talking about did indeed appear in bold. The line breaks didn’t work, though. The type of formatting we use on here, called Textile, doesn’t seem to handle single line breaks very logically. You might try prefacing each line with a *, which will give you a bulleted list, and would work well for that post. You could also hit Return twice between the lines, which will force a paragraph break.

    For the curious, a much more complete guide to formatting posts and such on Gone Raw can be found at this page on Textile... It’s handy but not perfect!

    As for the problem with editing your post (the spinny graphic appearing)... it would seem that either you have JavaScript disabled in your browser at work, or there’s some sort of “firewall” causing problems. Despite this site’s folksy nature and down-to-earth good looks, it does use some rather clever technology that can break down sometimes. Sounds like that’s what happened to you. If possible, we suggest you use Firefox for your web browsing. That’s often not an option in a work environment, so you could always try editing it when you get home, or see if turning on JavaScript in your browser helps.

    I’ll be sure to test the forums again on Internet Explorer 6 here, though, to see if it’s something I might be able to straighten out.

    “folksy nature and down-to-earth good looks.” nice. :)

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