'monitored' posts listing every single post in a topic

If I’m trying to monitor a topic what I’m primarily interested in is if a new voice/post has been added to the topic. As it is currently set up, if I’ve checked the ‘watching topic’ box then every single post from that topic is listed in my profile ‘monitoring’ section. This creates a huge amount of posts for a relatively small number of topics being monitored. Also all of the topic posts are intermingled.

What might be better would be if only new posts since the time I last clicked on the topic would be listed. Otherwise it would just say ‘no new posts’. And all of the new posts from each topic would be together in sequential order. As opposed to the current set up where I think it’s when they’ve been posted on the website which leads to posts from different topics being all mixed together.

As always thanks for the great site Ray and Kandace.


  • Avo Cado: Have you tried using the RSS features? That little orange icon, at the top left over every discussion, is a link to the RSS. That’s what I use to keep up on discussions, you just need a separate program to do so. However, some browsers now include RSS features build in. Try clicking on it, and see if yours does, or grab Safari or Firefox.

    If you want more info about RSS readers, let me know. They’re terrific!

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