Master Cleanse to quit smoking

I know it’s disgusting. I’ve been smoking on and off for 17 years. Now that I’m Raw I really want to quit and I’ve cut back ALOT. I was just wondering if anyone had tried the Mater Cleanse to quit smoking if so could you tell me about your sucess?


  • I smoked for 6 years and the 2 last years of them I tried quitting at least 8 times. I tried cold turkey ,hypnosis,nicorette gum and the patch 2 times. I was not raw during this time. I tried doing the master cleanse to help me quit and lasted about 12 hours. I couldnt quit smoking and eating at the same time. But thats just me, I’ve heard of some people that said the master cleanse helped alot.

    I can recommend maybe doing a juice fast could help?

    And I finnaly quit smoking 3 months ago after reading the book “Allen Carr’s Easyway to stop smoking”. You might think “oh its just a book how can that help?” I tell you ,lol,its unexplainable. You should buy and see for yourself. Its well worth the 15$.

    Good luck to you!

  • Thanks Tamlyn, This will probably be the 10th time to try to quit but they say like anything, it just takes practice. So, thanks for the good luck. I started the MC today and I’ll be picking up the book you mentioned shortly just for added support. I decided to quit while doing the cleanse so I could focus my attention else where. Instead of smoking I’ll be meditating and deep breathing. I’m sure it won’t be easy but it will be worth it! I’m so happy to be getting healthier and healthier everyday.

  • Tamlyn- I just put a hold on that book at my library. I’m excited to get it. I’m so tired of feeding the tabacco industry. I did the MC for three days and now I’m doing a green smoothies, my desire is waning but, I need it to just go away. I’m getting so sick of this I know I’m stronger than this way that I’ve been and so glad to break down and reach out for help. Thanks.

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