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Water: best water question

When drinking water what is the best kind? I am hearing to stay away from bottled water, because of the plastic.

So I want to make the change.

I have a water filter connected to my sink, i probable need to change the filter.

Or is a home distiller a good option. No sense paying money for the 5 gallon jugs, since they come in plastic, and they have proven that there are chemicals from the plastic in there too.

Then some people just drink tap water.

Also, if I add a lemon to my water, is it still pure water, or is it altered in some way so it isn’t considered pure???

Thanks in advance. Just want to say “THIS SITE ROCKS!!!”


  • Hi rawcanadian, I don’t know how to import a link on this site (duh) but if you go to the forums page under other topics, on page two there is a thread called living water. Very very informative. Maybe somebody else might be able to import the link. Hope this helps.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    there are so many differing opinions on this.

    some say: distilled or reverse osmosis is the only way to go because it is the “purest” water and your system doesn’t get bogged down by a whole bunch of minerals it can’t absorb…

    others say: RO + mineralized water (that is, filtered, then remineralized) water is ideal because if you don’t remineralize the water, it leaches minerals from YOU.

    i like to take a middle route and make sure i get clean filtered water and green juices (best water is in plants).

    i got a filter for my sink and i use it for everything i need water in.

    there are a LOT of threads on this topic already. you can check them out by “clicking forums” and typing “water”

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. you can call your water dept. to see what sorts of minerals are present. mine is VERY clean, so the only thing i need is to take out the chlorine basically.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Here’s the Living Water thread. There are also several other threads on the topic of water. You can search for them from the Forums page unless you are running Internet Explorer. If you’re an IE user, just do advanced Google searches, and include “gone raw” in your search terms. Hopefully, when Kandace and Ray finish the new and improved website, IE users will also be able to search on Forums.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    RAW CANADIAN – I would think the main thing you want to be sure of is that you start with really clean water. So much of the water supply now has pharmaceutical residue in it, which means you could be regularly taking infintestimal amounts of everybody else’s prescriptions.

    In addition to that, tap water contains chlorine. When you drink chlorine, a molecule called trihalomethanes. The government will tell you they are fine but that is what the governments always say. They are very dangerous to human health and many health care professionals think there may be a direct link between heart disease and trihalomethanes (in that they attach themselves to our arterial walls and cause cholesterol plaque to form). There is also evidence to support a link to cancer and spontaneous miscarriage.

    The other big concern is fluoride. Google “fluoride nazi prison camps” and read what comes back. It will make you start wondering why governments want to fluoridate water, especially since it is no longer up for debate that drinking fluoride does not benefit our teeth and causes many other health problems. At least the US government has admitted this but nonetheless continues to forcefeed us all fluoridated water for some reason.

    As for the theory that unmineralized water leaches minerals from the rest of your body,I personally re-mineralize my water because, given the hoards of conflicting opinions and my memories of osmosis experiements in biology lab, this is the one that made the most sense to me. I certainly could be wrong but this is my best guess given the information I have.

    It is had to imagine that with all the resources and technology of this world, we have trouble finding a legitimate source for information about anything natural and health-related. Our so called “consumer agencies” are often funded by private industry, our government agencies are a joke, you don’t know if studies were properly conducted, there are seldom repeated studies (which help prove accuracy), much of the research is tainted by conflicts, usually resulting from profit motives, and so many claims made are not backed up by science at all and are merely puffing (my favorite is the “life force” in prilled water).

    One last thing to consider, if the info you read on chlorine bothers you, and it certainly should, a proper shower filter is a good investment. Chlorine vaporizes into a gas at low temperatures so most of us that take warm showers are doing so while standing in a chlorine gas sauna. Not a good idea.

  • The “Living Water” post is long to read, and just makes things confusing. It doesn’t help, and the information is mixed.

    Maybe we should concentrate on what we know. For now I think I’ll stay away from plastic water containers and distilled water.


  • I researched water quite extensively a while ago. RO and distilled both require a lot of energy to make, and RO produces a lot of waste water. I ended up going with a Berkey filter. It produces amazingly clean water using a system very like what the earth uses to clean water, and the cost per gallon is extremely low. I got the steel body to avoid plastic. The only thing the Berkey does not remove is the minerals, so we choose to collect and filter rain water instead of using our well water.

    Tap water may be “clean” by government standards, but watch out for VOCs, such as MTBE. I’ve read that this isn’t even measured by most municipal water systems. Neither are dissolved pharmaceuticals. Who wants to drink some else’s Prozac?

  • jenoz, can you describe how you collect rain water? I’ve been interested in this but haven’t found a method that seems viable for collecting the amounts I would need. Also, how did you connect the filter to your rain water system? Maybe you can start a new thread on rain water collection? :-)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    whatever water you drink, give it life by squeezing some fresh juice into it, or putting a slice of lemon of cucumber in it. It restructures the water to enhance it’s life force.

    Anyone who has read “Messages from Water” will know that no matter what water you drink, you can restructure it by using your intention. Check it out: here

  • We collect rain water in a rain barrel. Then we draw it off daily, schlep it in the house and pour it into the top of the Berkey. You normally can’t drink from a rain barrel, but the Berkey can be used like a backpacking water filter and removes pathogens as well as contaminants.

    It is a manual process to move the water and it requires some committment! It isn’t like using the tap!!! We heat our house with wood so “fetching” water and wood daily is just part of our routine. It serves to build an appreciation for the lifeways of our ancestors, you know???

    Since we started in the summer, we don’t know what will happen when the outside temps go and stay below 20F. We can always put tap water into our Berkey, which is certainly what most people would do!!!! Before the rain barrel, we used to just use the sprayer on the sink to fill the top chamber of the filter.

    Our house also has a Plocherkat, which is sort of like homeopathy for water. It helped quite a lot with our well water quality, though it did not make the water perfect by any means.

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