Hi all

Hi, I am 26 and live in London, England. I have been making the transition into a raw lifestlye for 6 months now as well as finding the best natural products for my skin also. I Stumbled across this website and all you lovely guys and would love to know if there are any other members form the uk!!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Great to meet you here, welcome this is a brilliant forum! Me and my husband Chris are in the North West UK, nestled in between Liverpool and Manchester.

    Here’s our raw food website, why not have a peep! http://www.purelyraw.com

    We are working on moving to the USA, but for the moment we are fellow Brits, well I am, my husband is American.

  • Hi Zoe,

    You have a great website. I particularly like the section on ‘Dead Foods’. Its so great to hear others views on their journey into the raw world.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Thanks Tracey :) When we did some classes last week we met some uk raw foodists who came, there are some out there!

  • This topic is one million years old but I’m an englishman my dears! Newcastle upon Tyne but originally from Lancs so not technically Geordie! Zoe I’m gutted you are leaving us more alone on our Island but good luck. I hope to make an order from Purely Raw pretty soon, so if you could postpone the move til I ordered that’d be great! ;-)

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