zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

This is a call to duty ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes we complain or wonder, why can’t I just be normal and eat like everybody else? Why don’t I have digestion of steel and can make energy out of processed foods?

Well, because you don’t have to. Because your not meant to.

It is our duty to feel good in this life so we can cross the rivers set in front of us, so we can do what was planned for us. We can NOT be high achievers while eating food that leave us feeling sick for days. This is not the way of the TRUTH or of HIGH ACHIEVEMENT.

Ladies and gentlemen, be raw not only for yourself but because you know it is your DUTY to take care of yourself and to act in your own best interest.

Do NOT WASTE TIME YOU DON’T HAVE on feeling ill by eating unwholesome food. Just because you see others eating processed foods doesn’t mean you should too. The world has a lot of illness in it.

Luckily, you can be a part of the SOLUTION and escape some of the sickness, by being true to yourself and to the way nature intended.

I had to get that out…hope it helps somebody.

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