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He all! I’m new to the Raw thing and in one dish I was just making required meat from a coconut. Well, it took me forever to scoop it out. Any tricks to get it out faster or more efficiently??? Thanks!



  • Did you get a young thai coconut (white) rather than the brown hairy kind? That’s what they usually call for but don’t say it. Young coconut meat is rubbery and pliably, easy to scoop out with a spoon.

    See here;

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    what kind og coconut we talking about here? Young or mature? The meat from a mature coconut is very difficult to remove because it is so hard. I really am not sure how people even it the stuff. Its like chewing on bark. Anyways go grab yourself a young coconut. The meat is literally like jelly. Also google on how to properly open up a young coconut and believe me the process of scooping it out will go a lot faster. At first it will be difficult, but after a few times you will become a pro! What the heck I will give a link for the process to save you some time. Enjoy!

    Lots of Love Vaughn

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    in regards to thai coconuts my hubby puts the spoon in backwards, pushing the scraping part against the wood and the coconut on the back of the spoon then curves it around the coconut in a circle to fully separate it from the wood and he literally gets the coconut meat to come out in one big piece.

    I hope I described that in an easy to understand way I have yet to see anyone do it this way (except him) and it works great every time (unless its goo then it doesnt matter how you do it BTW the goo is good for making coconut yogurt)

  • Thanks for all the replies! I thought it was young but it might have been a mature one. Better luck next time… Definitely a learning experience, but fun :)

  • Thanks for the link humananimal. I had no idea that’s what a young coconut looked like.

  • Theres two inexpensive tools sold in most asian grocery stores.

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