feeling sleepy

I have not been eating 100% raw lately, and I can’t tell what is going on with me.

My daughter loves lima beans (cooked) and I had a ton of tomatoes that were about to spoil, plus leek, onions, fresh oregano and fresh chili pepper and bok choy from my CSA bin. I swear, this CSA bin is almost a curse because this week it was calling out for me to finally get around to cooking the lima beans and make some minestrone soup. so I did. I made it on Friday in my crock pot (I haven’t pulled it out in months) and it was great, because I started it before work on Friday morning, and it cooked on low all day until dinner. We’ve been enjoying it.

However, I’m so sleepy today I can barely function. I can’t tell if it is the soup, or the fact that I only drank a tiny amount of coffee this morning (just enough to avoid the head-ache).

I was actually very excited to think that I’ve found a happy medium for my family’s eating; veggie soup. It is the only cooked food that doesn’t upset my stomach.

But now that I’m so tired, I’m wondering if it is the soup that knocked me out, or what?

I think it’s probably the lack of coffee, because I’ve been a coffee addict for a long time. Lately, when I cut back on the coffee too much, I feel very sleepy like this… I just wish I knew for sure that is what it is.


  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    It’s almost the full moon. Are you about to start your period? Also, if it were me, the soup would have an effect :( It’s not a curse though, raw is a blessing :)

  • hmmm, I hadn’t thought that the onset of my period would make me sleepy… it is on it’s way though.

    I think it is the lack of caffeine combined with the other things. I’m going to try pea soup next week, which is her favorite. I really prefer to not be 100% raw right now. I’m raw for breakfast, snacks, and lunch, with the occasional cooked soup or burrito for dinner. I’d rather eat a healthy cooked meal with my daughter, than not cook a big pot of soup and have her eat processed or canned soups while I eat my salad. It isn’t practical to make a big pot of home-made soup for 1 six year old, who will want something different in a couple of days! And freezing it isn’t an option, it just comes out yucky after it thaws!

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