Kombucha in Seattle anyone?

I’ve been perusing around this sight and I remember someone in Seattle had a little baby Kombucha to share. If you do I would love to hear from you!


  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    my hubby made kombucha by buying a bottle of synergy kombucha ( any flavor will do) and drank half and then put papertowel in between the lid and leave it on loosly and put it in a dark pantry until the mushroom forms.

    BTW Strawberry and grap are our fave flavors and they have raw fruit puree so they are great~

  • I just grew 2 scobys from one bottle of GT (3.49!). I made a a little less than gallon of tea with 8 black tea bags and 1 cup raw sugar. When it came to room temperature I split it into 2, 1/2 gallon jars and added the GT. Now a month later I have 2 fat scobys! Do some research on growing your own kombucha before jumping in to get all the details. It is possible to run into trouble and get sick though I don’t know anyone personally who has. Some tips are to always include at least a cup of good strong vinegary kombucha in each new 1 gal batch, never let anything come into contact with metal (acid+metal=no good!), try not to store your scoby in the fridge if possible (it’s better to just leave it in strong kombucha), never seal off your kombucha or scoby (use a paper towel and rubberband to close), don’t throw out your batch unless you’re SURE it’s mold (wait and see if it spreads or gets fuzzy, EW!), and keep your batch out of direct sunlight. AND there’s lots more to learn. I also don’t recommend the continuous brew method because the constant addition of new sugar encourages an overgrowth of yeast and your batch can end up smelling like rotten eggs! There’s no saving your scoby at that point. I tried all the suggestions. You’re better off just starting over. Good luck! Kombucha is worth the little bit of trouble.

  • Yeah dude, that was me! My boyfriend is in the process of brewing 2 big jars and he would give you a babe. He works at madison market in the juice bar so it would be easy to meet. He got his from a co-worker and his first batch was way better than GT’s! Email me at sidneyt23@live.com and we can set it up. He works every day but tues-thurs.

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