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Juice or smoothie to start the morning?

Ok…I am transitioning and trying to get more greens..my juicer is not working well and I am having trouble getting down green drinks..and when i do, they are not filling me till lunch…many people are saying to juice morning and at night but i also see tons of recipes for green smoothies to start the morning (just made one myself ;) So…obviously in a smoothie, the greens aren’t juiced so wondering if the smoothies have the same nutritional content as a juice (I am thinking not) and a good alternative to a morning green juice, esp until I get a good juicer and get used to it being filling enough for me.

Thanks for clarification on this!


  • I actually almost never use my juicer anymore…. I just end up throwing the pulp away because I don’t like making complex recipes in the dehydrator.. so I only do smoothies now. No waste and you get all the fiber too

  • Smoothies have all the same nutritional content as juices, plus all the fibres and cellulose, which is, in my opinion, as healthy as eating the plant foods whole, but with the added bonus of having everything broken down, which we don’t always accomplish by chewing. The benefit to juices is mostly that the nutrients are assimilated much more quickly as a result of the absence of fibre, which slows down the rate of absorption. This is good and bad. Some argue that juices cause a spike in blood sugar because the fibre is no longer there to slow down the digestion.

    I think you can do just fine, possibly better, by simply putting anything into the blender and adding enough filtered water to turn the whole mess into a smoothie. The fibre is really good for cleaning out the intestines anyway. I love juices, but I think I prefer smoothies for more complete nutrition.

  • smoothies keep me full also, depending what I bulk them up with. Juicing makes me hungry!!! also, blender is much easier to clean.. less disassembly

  • I totally agree, Chicory. I powered through a litre of juice this morning before 9 am, but I could have been satisfied with half as much smoothie and it would have kept me going until lunchtime.

  • they are not filling enough? put 1/4 lb of baby spinach, 6 bananas and a cup of strawberries in a blender. drinking this will provide roughly 700 calories, myriad vitamins/minerals and you will not be hungry for at least a couple of hours.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I can’t handle massive smoothies with a hundred fruits but I add a bit of coconut oil and that helps alot!

    my smoothies: 1banana 1apple a cup of berries(usually frozen) dab of honey scoop of coconut oi a handful of spinach or other greens water

  • I blend my greens and juice my fruits and veggies and then mix them together. My blender can’t handle alot of the harder fruits and veggies and my juicer doesn’t do greens so….until I hit the lotto and can afford the juicer I need this seems to work for me. I stay full for hours. I guess I am a smuicer. ha ha

  • rawk…i can’t have fruit, except in small quantities so i need to make my smoothies or juices mostly veggies,,,,,i think problem is that i was eating really high protein before (was eating meat, beans, etc)..i know it is said there is alot of protein in greens, but they don’t fill me the way other protein does…i guess somethung my body has to get used to.

  • so…it sounds like the smoothies have more fiber than juicing…i am reading this correctly?? For those that juice, how do you get more fiber?

  • Hi rawforhealth, Yes that’s right. I prefer smoothies because they are more filling, have less cleanup, less waste, and mostly, honestly, because they’re cheaper. It takes far more produce to make juice. So a cup of juice vs a cup of smoothie has more vitamins and minerals because it takes more produce to make the same amount minus the fiber.

    What type of fruit and how much can you have? It does help to add fruit to a green smoothie to make it more palatable. Or can you use a stevia or erythritol product to help make it sweeter (zero glycemic index)? Adding a fat to your smoothie will be more filling too, I use 2 Tbs almond or cashew butter.

    Otherwise I would recommend making it more like a savory soup with garlic and ginger. Spinach is good for smoothies because the flavor is quite mild.

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