So I checked out the site and have a couple questions. Which almonds do you get and what’s your feeling on the #2’s (seconds) for cashews and almonds? And I tried to find out what the shipping costs are like and it didn’t seem like I could without actually buying something. I am in Seattle (not real far from BC). What are your shipping costs like and what part of the country are you in? If shipping is cheap, then the products are cheaper than at our co-op (I actually trust the buyers at our co-op too – related to the organic Vs Non nut thread)


  • Pick up the phone and call them. I’m pretty sure RawKidChef is buying the Spanish almonds. Remember, right now the Canadian dollar is only worth about 80 cents US, so those Spanish almonds will only cost you just over $9.50. That’s a pretty good price for really raw almonds.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Hey there! Just so you can’t access www.realrawfoods.com it’s actually www.realrawfood.com, slight difference there, as there are two different places (it sounds like you got the right site though)

    I get the wild Spanish almonds (leery of the Californian ones) and they are amazing. They are unlike any other almond you can get. They are hard to describe but make amazing nut milks and other things. I don’t think the Californian almonds are as high quality but they might do, but you’re safer with the Spanish ones. I also buy the Whole Transitional Organic Cashews so I can sprout them (yes, they sprout!) I am not totally sure what Transitional Organic means but they taste very pure and definitely high quality just like the almonds. Whenever I would soak Sunfood’s cashews, they would always develop a spoiled flavor even after just 3 hours. You can soak Real Raw Food’s Cashews for days and they are fresh as could be. I’ve also sprouted the pistachios in the shell, then I shell them right before eating and on one side you can see tails. The sprouted almond butter is also really great. Pecans and macadamias also rock.

    Shipping was only $18 for an order of $100 and I live in Maryland. Took about a week and four days but it will probably be a lot cheaper and quicker for you in Washington. The prices are in Canadian dollars but with a converter I converted the final price and the US price was 5$ cheaper, so great price. Even though the shipping isn’t perfect, it’s a really good deal if you ask me.

  • I saw the other day in a recipe I can;t relocate a good place to get raw oats! I looked on the realrawfood sight but they don’t have it. DO you know where to but them inexpensively? Thanks for the help!

  • I read somewhere on these forums that someone went to an animal feed store and bought raw oat groats that sprouted. If this isn’t convenient for you, try going into a health food store and asking for raw, organic sproutable oats, or looking online for a site that sells organic seeds and grains for planting.

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    I know www.alissacohen.com sells truly raw oats, but I’m not sure of the price.

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    Raw oats also www.rawliving.eu shipping might be less from Germany to Israel rather than USA to Israel, that’s where I think you live.

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