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hey guys! i’ve been raw for about a year now, and i feel like i’m at a standstill. i’ve done enough research to know that fasting for 10-ish days won’t cause me any deficiencies, and i’m physically ready for the fast. i’ve also done a master cleanse before, so i know what to expect (sort of…) none of my friends/family are overly accepting of my raw lifestyle, let alone the idea of fasting, so i’m going to need some moral support from you guys throughout the next 10 days. kind words would be very much appreciated! i start tomorrow by the way!


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I am going to a morning smoothie each morning and fresh fruit juice for dinner until Friday, where I am going out of town with a friend and have a special indian dinner. I don’t want to disappoint her.

    After that I will water fast until Nov 1oth and then juice for three days. I have to then spend a week with my family after that. I really would like to continue fasting through the week but I know they will make my life unbearable. We’ll see. I was hoping I could reset my blood pressure by early December so I would not have to refill my last Rx.

    Good Luck and I will check in on you daily. :)

  • Hi Kathryn. Pretty name! I’ll pray for you to keep your strength up.

  • roadrunnerroadrunner Raw Newbie

    hi kathyrn, you can do it,youll be just fine! I did the master cleanse last year for 14 days. i really liked it . remember after 3 days the hunger goes away and it becomes much easier. once the hunger stops being a bother its pretty easy. i just kept telling myself each day that im cleansing and healing,took it 1 day at a time and didnt worry about how many days i was going. i started today a mono orange fast from now till spring! nothing but oranges! just keep telling yourself your cleansing and this is a good thing,youll do fine. im blogging my orange fast because i feel itll help me and i can view it when its complete. and i agree,moral support is very beneficial and helpful! heres the blog if you want to follow: www.myorangejourney.blogspot.com enjoy your water fast!

  • I’m starting the master cleanse today. I will be going for 14 days. I wish you strength and peace.

  • aww, thanks so much for the support guys! good luck Meditating, roadrunner and pureandsimple! off to bed now… day 1 tomorrow makes scared face

  • amazing. im glad there are some people out there using the great power of fasting. some tips are just to stay strong and upbeat.be confident with your fast, and make it worth something. accomplish what you what you are striving to accomplish with this fast. just keep it in mind and believe it is happening. also, being raw, im sure food is probably a big thought throughout the day, atleast it is for me. haha. so you need to replace that time with whatever you are going to accomplish. or catch up on reading and meditation. something to also keep in mind, is you will probably sleep less (i contributed this to my body not having to use any energy digesting). atleast i did when i did an extended water fast. do stuff you didnt have time in busy day to day life, make it fun and exiting. i decided to sit down for a couple hours a day and write/draw in a journal. also, when breaking the fast, take atleast the first day really easy. ease yourself back into eating food. good luck and stay strong. have a great week -zack

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