Is chia similar to psyllium as is fibre? I have read about it and it says you can eat it when made into a gel as a fibre supplement and its a ‘dieters friend’ and I have read recipe’s for puddings made from it on here and I have seen it for sale of Ebay.. how good is it? How filling and what sort of laxative effect does it have?


  • I really like chia seeds, and I recommend them to everyone who is opening to trying them. The “prep” is soaking them in 3 parts water for about 30 minutes, it makes a good gel. I find them rather filling and efficient in general and I’ve never noticed any laxative effect…

  • That gel is a type of fibre. The seed itself is mostly fibre and will go through your system intact. It is for those reason that you could consider it to have minor (though only very minor) laxative effects. Unlike psyllium, I don’t think that the chia soaks up as much water in your system. It’s kind of cool the way the seeds gel up. My health food store expert told me that to derive all the health benefits you have to chew the seeds once they’ve soaked for a while. I find this unpleasant, so I give my dry seeds a quick whir in the coffee grinder to break them up a bit, then stir them into a beverage and let them gel. It’s a bit gritty this way, but so are blackberry and raspberry seeds that get ground up in the blender, so it makes little difference to me when I’m using a straw.

  • Here’s how to get the most out of your Chia: *Soak them in water 4-1 (4 parts water to 1 part chia) for 8-12 hours to start the germination process, stir occasionally. *Spread the gelled mass thinly onto your teflex, and dehydrate until completely dry. *Now put in a jar and refrigerate until ready to use. *Grind WELL in a coffee mill and add to your food. Sprouted and dried chia breaks up into a powder and isn’t gritty!

  • Are you using black chia seeds or white ones? I have some that are sold under the brand name Salba. They are a white heirloom variety. I supposed the effect will be the same. Thanks FuzzyWuzzy. I’ll try that.

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    I’m eating chia pudding right now! I love it!!! They bind up within 10-15 minutes, and I actually enjoy chewing all the little seeds :)

    I have some recipes for chia on my blog (beverages, chocolate crackers) if you’re interested.

    Chia Ideas: Dip a banana in them, add them to smoothies, make pudding, raw crackers, sprinkle on avocado

    They can be used in place of flax seeds anytime. And, you can grind them before use for better assimilation of nutrients.

    TIP: Don’t eat them in public unless you bring dental floss – LOL!

    Cheers, Kristen Suzanne


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