Stainless Steel Vita-mix for sale!

Hey everyone! I have a great condition “Vita-Mix 3600 Plus” for sale! 3 Speeds and reverse mode! Comes with 1 wet, stainless steel blender with spigot! NO PLASTICS!

This unit is in great condition as I mentioned above. I no longer use it, due to the fact that I’m into whole foods and not using electricity (besides the computer ;) ). This is a great machine to get started into raw, or to keep going. I’m willing to post pictures, don’t think I can on a forum though. For anyone would like to see this, I will send pictures.

The price is only $200!



  • i;d love it but can;t afford right now….hey…how do you stay raw without being able to blend stuff and make some interesting recipes?? what does your typical day look like food wise..just curious…i too want to avoid emfs as much as i can.

  • This isn’t everyday, but here’s an idea:

    -No Breakfast

    -Lunch: Around 20 Bananas

    -Dinner:6-12 Mangoes (depending on size), Whole Stalk of Celery, 1-2 Heads/Leafy greens.

    I eat everything by itself. Dinner goes Mangoes, then eat leafy greens (by themselves, no fork, no anything) and then celery. I appreciate the taste of everything I eat, it also allows my body to tell me to “STOP, MOVE ON” from one food to the next.

    Today will probably be:

    -No Breakfast

    -Lunch:10-15 wild apples (depending on which tree, the size will vary)

    -Dinner: 20 dates, 2 heads of romaine. I might wrap the dates in the romaine, it’s very delicious :)

    The simpler the meal, the better you feel. We are always trying to look for ways to shorten the time of something. Our species was not created to have these lengthy prep times, just chomp and romp baby!

  • Dear ToL,

    What are you consuming for fatty acid? I do not argue for a minute that a mainly frugivorous diet is the best, but I do not believe an EXCLUSIVELY frugivorous diet is capable of supporting a healthy immune system over any length of time. Are you adding nuts or any kind of oil to your diet at some point? Raw nuts have such a fantastic balance of fats that I can scarcely think of anything healthier.

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    Hey Tree of Life, I’m interested. I do think that you should reconsider and hold onto it… you may get into green smoothies next year, or whenever. I understand though that you are moving soon, so maybe that is why you need to sell it.

    I’d love to see some photos

    thank you! :)

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