Midwest Winters - Bath Tea

Does anyone have any recipes that they could post for baths/dry skin? If you get fancy on me, please tell me if it’s a product at a nutrition store, grocery store, or other. The wind what whipping yesterday and I felt like it was taking a toll on my skin already. I take vitamin supplements. Thanks, Janelle.


  • I have used the dry skin brushing method lately and just some water. My skin has been less dry. There are some good organic lotions at iherb.com that aren’t that expensive. I’ve also heard that coconut oil is a good moisturizer.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    amen about the wind. It’s brutal. I think tonight here in KC it’s gonna be 24°! I’m not ready for it!

    What I do is put dead sea salt(generously) and a scoop of coconut oil and a dash of lavender essential oil. It smells good, soothes and makes you super soft when you get out.

  • Mjmakey is right, dry brushing is great and so is troublesjustabubble, I also like using oats, place a few big scoops of oats in a cheeseclothe, then soak some rolled oats in the tub with you, rub your skin with the cheeseclothe of soaked oats and then apply some coconut oil to your skin. You should also be sure to hydrate from inside out, keep the fluids moving inward.

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