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calling all southerners!

pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

hey there,

i’ll be touring through the south this january… going from New York to Atlanta (passing through Virginia, North & South Carolina) and then wending my way west through Tennessee, New Mexico… all the way to Los Angeles. yay!

i’m planning the tour now, and i’d like to play at a few community-type events, rather than just looking for pubs and clubs. any suggestions? >>here’s me: myspace.com/portersinger

also, if there are great things to check out (farmer’s markets, raw restaurants, UPicks, etc…) please feel free to let me know.


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    hello? =)

    no travel suggestions for the south?

  • Hey, I’m from Georgia but I live in California now. There is a big raw community in Atlanta. The biggest Raw food restaurant in the United States is near atlanta. Also in the GA mountains there is a raw food community and they grow their own organic food for their restaurant. I wish I had names for you. I became raw after I moved from GA and I just now found out about all this! I can’t wait to go back to visit to see all these things. Ever been to Stone Mountain? it’s north GA and it’s a huge rock that you can hike up. Lots and Lots of nature. I can try to google some names of the raw places tonight to lead you in the right direction.

  • Hi pianissima,

    If you travel through Greenville, SC-which you will if you go from Charlotte, NC to Atlanta-There are a few music venues for you to check out: The Handlebar http://www.handlebar-online.com/ which is a music club/listening room I used to work at. They usually do all kinds of music including folk music—they might have an opening slot for something, who knows. It is a great place to check out anyways. Another venue is the Acoustic Seen, http://dryridge.org/acousticseen/index.htm They are a small listen room inside a coffee shop. They have an open mic night. I don’t know about raw food in Greenville, I have not lived there in over a year.

    I live in Atlanta now. Good grocery stores to check out: Sevananda in Little 5 Points—a great co-op http://www.sevananda.coop/ The Dekalb Farmers market where I do almost all of my shopping http://www.dekalbfarmersmarket.com/ It is a big indoor, year round farmers market in Decatur. There is a good raw food restaurant called Lovin’ It Live http://www.lovingitlive.com/ We have a great raw food Meetup too! http://www.meetup.com/rawfoodresource/ Music: you might want to check out Eddie’s Attic in Decatur http://www.eddiesattic.com/


  • Hey Duwan, you left out Life Grocery! (http://www.lifegrocery.com/retailer/store_templ…) They have an amazing supply of raw food in the grocery, bulk, and produce departments and have an organic vegan cafe with a raw food bar, salad bar, juice and smoothie bar, and raw food entrees and desserts, as well as cooked vegan food.

    By the way, the author Paul Nison is scheduled to do a book signing and lecture there on Thursday night. The charge is $10 if you pay in advance or $15 at the door. Life Grocery and Cafe is located in Marietta, Ga and is a co-op.

    Pianissima, if you send your info to info@lifegrocery.com you may be able to schedule a date to perform in the cafe.

  • Hey RCBAlive, I live in the city and never get out that way, but I will have to make a point to get by there sometime.

  • There’s a great farmer’s market in Colonial Williamsburg if you happen to be passing through on a Saturday.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    Wow. you guys rock!


    steamboatkatie—i don’t think i’ve been to stone mountain. my bestest friend in the world is from ATL, so i’ll ask her when i get there. when you think of the names, feel free to let me know.

    duwand—YES! see, this is why i’m always glad i asked. i went to the handlebar website, and while they don’t do singer-songwriters really, there was a list of places who do, which i’ve contacted. also contacted eddie’s attic. the monday night open mic sounds cool too. =) i’ll check out the co-ops as well!

    rcb—life grocery looks cool. i sent them an email. =)

    runraw—i think i may be passing through on a Saturday actually. thanks!

    strawberry—thanks! i’ll try and see if i can’t stop by if i pass through shelby.

    keep ‘em comin’! :)

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