Ungrounded, Spaciness?

zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

Hey All, I need some guidance I think… I’ve been raw for about 6 months. What has been happening is I’ve been gung-ho for about a week and a half and then having a meal/day that wipes me out for days(lately it’s been cooked vegan).

I recently said enough of this! No more! I’m staying raw!

So I’ve been doing that and happy with it for about a week and a half. But now I’m feeling EXTREMELY ungrounded. It’s very hard to focus. (I’m a student so that’s my job!).

Are these more detox symptoms or is something missing from my diet?

I eat very low fat. High fruit, and lots of veggies too (mostly cuz veggies are fun and I’m not good at digesting fat).

Please give me your advice!


  • It could be a manifestation of a nutritional deficiency. I am now incorporating more cooked food’s back into my diet as an experiment as the season is changing significantly in my area. I’m doing this diet change because I was having some rather severe nutrient deficiencies that were starting to effect every aspect of my life (I’m a student as well). Listen to what your body tells you and consider what I’ve always found to be true, no “diet” is ever gonna fit someone perfectly, we need to learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us to eat regardless of what kind of food it is…

    Good luck zinfandel, keep us posted!

  • zinfandel,

    I’m a student too, so I can empathize with your need to focus!

    For you, what’s a typical day like foodwise? There may be something we can tweak in your meals to help ground you.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Powergyoza- thanks for trying to help! Here’s what I eat in a day:

    Breakfast- 1/2 to 1 cantalope (as much as I want) maybe some figs, apples for a snack Lunch-Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches, often in a green smoothie snack-broccoli, pineapple, banana, figs, etc- eat as much as I want. I try and add some flaxseeds, but just a sprinkling. Dinner- Fruit salad with maybe cabbage in it

    I’m not having cravings, and by golly I’m staying raw like my life depends on it…

    I’m pretty ungrounded still… maybe I should add more roots?

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I’m glad you’re asking for advice. I hesitate to offer any unless people really want it. If you’re feeling ungrounded and spacy, it could simply be that you’re not getting enough calories. It can be hard to meet the caloric needs for your high-functioning lifestyle (the focus issue) on fruits and veggies alone. Fats are good for brain function and energy, so a very low-fat diet can be difficult.

    Can you digest sprouted grains or beans? What about seeds?

    Could you simply eat more often to get more calories in?

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    I read in David Wolfe’s ‘Sunfood Nutrition’ that often times when raw foodies are feeling rather spacey and ungrounded it’s because they are eating too many non/low fat fruits and veggies. He says eating avocados helps…and I believe he also suggests small amounts of nuts and seeds to bring you out of the raw food la-la land…or as I like to call it, Raw-la-land…


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    so many things to “experiment with”, but i get a little light headed when i eat high SWEET fruit. i respect your choice to do low fat and high fruit, but if you are in transition, it might be too fast of a detox… it might also just be all that stored junk being set free in your body, swishing around inside of you (causing “spaciness”) without releasing (either through your colon, lungs, or skin). TRUE DETOX is when those toxins get released, not just when they start to move around… though it’s a start.

    eating some clean fats like avocados could help, as could some simple broth or soups at night. if you aren’t”good at” digesting fats, make sure you try them well combined. avocados can be combined with starches, so you could do your root veggie idea!

  • Your choices seem great. Perhaps it’s simply an issue of not eating enough? It took me a period of “eating past what I want” to regain the natural elasticity of my stomach & intestines.

    Something I did early on was to count calories. I used it for a short while (and still use it from time to time) to help me better eyeball the caloric value of my food. Perhaps that could help you?

    That’s my advice for food. Is there perhaps anything else in your life that’s a factor in the ungroundedness? Personal life? Relationships/friendships/family? Water/air? Career?

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