making nut or seed cheese?? questions..

ok..i made one seed cheese today and it was absolutely delicious! but.i am seeing different recipes for cheese on here and am a bit confused on making the different types…..

so…how do you get different consistencies? like, a sauce you’d use for “pasta” or thicker you’d spread on veggies or crackers or a hard cheese to slice?? some use oil, some use lemon juice…do you just add more lemon juice or water to make it creamy?? to make it hard, do you form it into a bar and stick it in the fridge to firm?? The cheese i made today was a pate, so spreadable but i have left and stuck it in fridge..will it get hard, which i don’t want it to do??

if someone can clarify how to make different types of cheeses and when to use water, not use water, lemon juice, etc..that would be awesome!!!

thanks so much!!


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    If you want hard cheese you need to age it like regular cheese is aged. You can check out the Dr. Cow forum for more on that.

  • You will probably never get a super hard raw cheese. But yes, like RawKidChef said, the Dr. Cows thread has alot of info. We have been discussing the raw cheeses. The Dr. Cows stuff is the closest I have had to a hard cheese.

    For your questions: For pasta sauce, you just add water to get it more liquidy. To make it thicker, add as little water as possible -only enough to get the blender moving. The thicker mixtures can thicken up in the frig. There is also irish moss (which is raw) that will thicken and solidify things a bit more. It can turn things a bit gel like so don’t use too much.

    Another thing you can do it when you make your mixtures to squeeze out any additional liquid using a nut milk bag.

    The lemon juice will make your cheese really tangy – so don’t add lemon juice for consistancy – it is for taste. Water is fine to get more saucey cheese.

    What I do for a firmer cheese is I put my mixture in a tupperware container and it hardens up and takes on the shape of the container.

    Your pate will only get firmer if you added irish moss or if it was more on the drier side than it also might thicken up a bit but otherwise it will stay the same.

  • thx guys! appreciate it ;)

  • hi strawberry -

    It isn’t a book just a one page handout that we made – we gave a little class once to a small group of people on how to do the raw cheezes once many years ago. My bf used to have a job doing fermenting – so he knows alot about the process. Sorry I hadn’t gotten a chance to post it yet. I have to put it up on my website and right now, I am too busy making my Halloween costume. I will definately be able to do it after Halloween. :)

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