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nama shoyu or braggs??

I keep seeing these ingredients come up in many recipes…i do not do soy at all..isn’t this soy? thx for clarification.


  • shoyu is soy sauce….braggs is some strange stuff after research

  • ok thanks…what can you substitute…i don’t do any soy. thx

  • sea salt and combinations of herbs and spices. i also dont do any soy or grains so ive gotten creative with salt, seaweeds, onions, garlic, mushrooms, spices, sundried tomatoes to acheive that rich flavor

  • I also don’t use soy. Well, it isn’t raw, for one thing. I also heard that it is all GMO, blah, blah, conspiracy theory… either way, you can’t just eat it raw, so I really don’t want it.

    It always amazes me how salty celery is.

    Soy sauce and bragg’s are basically salt. You can leave it out or use sea salt. I use Redmond’s real salt

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    to make raw soya free braggs/nama shoyu – marinade mushrooms in raw olive oil, salt and garlic, squeeze out after one night, the liquid is just like the nama shoyu/braggs…and the mushrooms are gorgeous too.

    I normally just use salt to substitute though.

  • thanks ;) oh i don;t do mushrooms either! candida and ewww ;)

  • I love chickpea miso, I buy it at rawvegansource.com. I add it to a lot of things for that salty/fermented flavor—its much milder than nama. I also spread it as a condiment on raw sandwiches and thin it with water, avo + agave for a quick dressing too.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Nama shoyu is unpastuerized soy sauce. It’s not raw, as it’s made from cooked soy beans(like all soy sauce), BUT it is “alive”.

    I personally love it, but use it rarely because of the wheat and salt.

    Braggs anything is going to be over-priced and I question the quality of some of their products. Just my own opinion.

  • TomsMom, I was listening to one of the Rawkathon interviews this past week and the subject of Nama Shoyu came up. It was explained that high quality tamari is brewed the same way as Nama Shoyu, except without wheat. Thus, it is also “alive”. It has been overshadowed in recent years by the popularity of Nama Shoyu with (nearly) raw fooders. I have a ton of Nama Shoyu in my cupboard, so I guess I’ll be working my way through it, or else giving it away. I’d rather have the tamari to avoid the wheat. I don’t use it often, but I do like the flavour.

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