Made almond milk. What to do with strained stuff?

I thought I read someone used it for making some kind cinnamon pastry, but can’t find it now. What do you use it for? To clarify, I’m referring to the almond that’s strained from the milk.


  • hmm…i am new to raw..wondering that myself…can you dehydrate it and ground as almond flour?? (sorry,,i am new just trying to think ;)

  • if you search the recipes for “almond pulp”, you can find a few recipes, like this one:…

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    rawforhealth, youre right! That is a very popular use of it. Also check out these amazing Cinnamon Rolls

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    I just made Cherry Chocolate Brownies with dehydrated, ground almond pulp! YUMMERS!!!!! I’ll post the recipe on my blog soon :)

    Cheers, Kristen Suzanne


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