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What does 80/10/10 mean ???

have seen this a couple of times in comments on recipes… please explain !

Note: I am avoiding sugars and salts along with meat and milk and egg ingredients… is there a way to search for THAT sort of Recipe in particular ?

Thanks !


  • 80/10/10 are percents. Also written as 8/1/1.

    80% carb, 10% each protein and fat.

    The proponents of this form of raw foodism eat a mostly fruit and mono-meals (don’t eat until you are really hungry, stuff yourself on one kind of fruit and then dont’ eat again until you are really hungry)

    I believe that this is a good diet if you are an athlete, but I haven’t studied up on it AT ALL and I am glossing over the details. Please 811-ers, did I describe it all right? :D

  • You can look at www.foodnsport.com. In my opinion it is most simple and natural way of eating. It is mostly monomeals but there are salads, ssmoothies and raw soups also. As long as you keep it simple. But to understand it properly you need to reed the book “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas Graham.

  • Gourmet- Why are you avoiding all salts and sugars? I understands why you are avoiding animal protien, those are big no nos!

    Your body is fueled by glucose – aka sugar. Your body needs salts (sodium) to survive along with glucose. Refined sugars are bad, and sea salts/ rock salts are also bad. But why all sugars and salts? What do you eat?

    Please give me a meal plan of yours, so I can understand how you could survive while avoiding sugar and salt.


    Live, Love Peace

  • ungrateful- You have the gist of it, but it’s not that we don’t eat until we are “really” hungry, we don’t eat until we are truly hungry. Appetite and hunger are very different. I usually don’t wait until true hunger kicks in to the fullest, I only eat 2 meals a day though. I only need 2 meals a day. This gives my body time to digest all the food, and then repair itself. When your body is working on digesting it can’t concentrate on other parts of your body (as in cleaning out, repairing, restocking, etc). a

    Also, we don’t eat until we stuff ourselves, that would be silly. Some of us do stuff ourselves, in the beginning, only in order to reach our nutritional and calorie needs, while our stomachs are still shrunken from dehydrated/cooked lifestyles. Once we stretch our stomachs out, we rarely eat until we are stuffed. If we did, we would be over eating, and causing stress on the body. 811 is a form of natural hygiene, not gluteny! :)

    If you have any questions ungrateful I would be glad to give you a better idea!


  • Dear Tree Of Life

    If you are ‘really’ interested, it is largely due to the program that this website is dedicated to:


    In short, it is about limiting salts (beyond what NATURALLY occurs in vegetables) and Oils/Fats beyond the few ‘healthy’ ones (like Grapeseed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive).

    This is in general what C.H.I.P (Cardiac Health Improvement Project) promotes, along with No Meat, Eggs, nor Milk. The Seventh Day Adventists promote it largely because it both ‘fits their ideal lifestyle’ and also because it DOES help one live a Very Healthy Lifestyle.

    Whole Grains and Food In Its Natural State are key concepts, also. So, too, is getting a LOT of daily exercise.

    Myself ? I used to be a Strict Vegan in the late 60’s-early 70’s, and haven’t eaten any Red Meat ‘for ages’... but, I DID go back to eating some fowl, seafood, and eggs with some milk products.

    Now, as a Type 2 Diabetic, with the double-whammy of High Cholesterol (came as a surprise) and High Blood Pressure, this program seems like a ‘perfect fit’...

    As for your questions, specifically —Salt, of course, contributes to Hypertension. Sugar per se does NOT lead to Diabetes, despite common belief -- what DOES matter, generally, is thought to be ‘All Carbs’ which the bofy DOES convert to Sugar for the blood to disperse in the body - HOWEVER, what CHIP admonishes is that it is NOT Carbs (nor Sugar) that creates Diabetes, but, rather, OILs and FATS !

    That said, it simply is true that today many people are eating way too many fats and oils and sugars and starches and meat and eggs and milk et al - consuming WAY MORE Calories than they actually NEED.

    Just as this 8/1/1 seems like it probably has SOME similarities to CHIP (but THAT urges a ‘3 A Day’ approach: Eat Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince, and Dinner Like A Pauper —the Breakfast being the ‘most important meal of the day’ and so on) -- clearly there ARE some ‘things in common’ here.

    Flax Seed is an important part of CHIP, and it seems to be so HERE in the recipes that I have so far looked at.

    Likewise, many non-Vegetarians seem overly concerned about getting enough Protein IF they were to ‘join our ranks’ - essentially this is pretty much the same sort of ‘thinking’ that YOU seem to be suffering from ? That is, we can and DO get PLENTY of ‘starches’ (that get converted to Sugar) and a LOT of Sodium in our diet EVEN if we eat primarily Vegtables, Fruits and Grains.

    I drink a lot of Soy Milk and/or Almond Milk, BTW.

    If you still have any questions, please let me know !

    Thanks for showing the interest and especially the implied CONCERN !

    Meanwhile, I have gotten my Diabetes Med. cut in half since starting the CHIP plan a couple of weeks ago.

    LOVE, Matt

  • Matt, that is great you got your meds reduced. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? less medication and a better quality of life.

    Thanks, Jason. if I have any questions, i will let you know :)

  • Be careful on all oils. I like how you say ”’healthy’ oils”, I’m assuming you already know the previous statement. You say “whole grains and food in its natural state are key concepts”. Keep in mind, all oils are refined products of food, so therefor they are definitely not in their natural state. Actually, 100% of their calories are derived from oil, which you would never see in the wild. And for diabetes, I’m sure you know consuming fats are not good. It sounds like “CHIP” does have the basic belief.

    People who follow 811 go right to the source, ie fruits. We skip out whole grains, grains were not meant for human consumption :)

    I’m very happy that your diabetes medicine is being used in minimal amounts. You should be able to completely get rid of your diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 1 is a different story. Actually check out Robby Barbaro’s Blog he is a type 1 diabetic!

    I wish you luck in your journey, and may you completely overcome your diabetes!

    And yes, exercise is a key part to life!

    Live, Love Peace

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    TreeOfLife – 80/10/10 is not the only way to heal the body of diabetes (type 1 or type 2), though it works well for some. I am a type 1 diabetic, and I have found great success (I use only one-third of my previous amount of insulin) by eating raw – I eat whatever I want, as long as it’s raw, and that changes from time to time. I would estimate my current fat percentage at about 40% of total calories, but I don’t try to eat certain percentages of anything; just as much of whatever my body wants.

    Fat is not always bad for diabetics, either – I read a book once that talked about how the diabetics who “cheated” the most with regard to fat intake, had the best improvement in their blood glucose levels.

    gourmet gormand vegan – It sounds like you’re finding things that work well for you – that’s awesome! Keep up the good work.

  • Tree Of Life

    What I find surprising, and do NOT understand: Why so many Recipes here call for Coconut Oil ? Isn’t that not ‘raw’ but processed and, worse, high in undesirable fatty acids/oils ? Triglycerides and such ?

  • Also - it comes as a surprise to learn that humans were not meant to eat grains ?

    Where is that ‘written’ ? Seems to me like eating grains and nuts and seeds is pretty much related, as is eating most any plant matter ?

    I just bought that book on Spa Raw (have to wait for it to come) but, meanwhile, is there some place where I can read up on just what IS considered to be “Raw” ? It does seem odd that grains are not - how about Kasha (Buckwheat Groats) ? Technically, although most would call them a ‘grain’ they are ‘scientifically’ considered to be a FRUIT.

    But, then too… most consider Tomatoes to be a vegetable, but ‘scientifically’ they are ‘fruit’... as are a few other food items. Strawberries, for instance, technically are not ‘fruit’ - but, not to be picking nits, here.

    I just need some clarifications, I guess. Soy Milk and Nut Butters too ? Aren’t They ALL ‘processed’ and thus not ‘raw’ technically ?

    If ‘raw’ only means ‘not cooked’ then don’t oats qualify unless they are cooked ? Am I missing some distinctions here ? Tofu, I realize, IS rather heavily processed, for instance. But, then so are Nori SHEETS ! Even the Kombu I buy is,though to a lesser degree… Nori doesn’t seem to me to be unprocessed and often it is roasted. I rarely see where it is NOT roasted, in fact… but, then, SLICING and then DEHYDRATING ? Isn’t doing THAT technically PROCESSING ? Is something treated that way ‘really’ still RAW ???

    Again, not trying to pick nits, nor argue, but just not ‘clear’ on some of the concepts, here. I mean, certainly using a blender and/or a food processor ? By the latters NAME alone, are we PROCESSING the food ? Is it therefore no longer ‘raw’ ??? Seems to me like some distinctions must be being made that I am not aware of/failing to grasp ?

    I LOVE eating RAW and UNPROCESSED FOODS—corn, brocolli,and onions (for instance) all taste better/best to me AS THEY ARE GROWN, rather than after they have been cooked.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    awww, the title of this thread takes me back to the good ole days…

    Before I heard those words for the first time. 80.10.10. 80.10.10 OK nice, I’ll keep that in mind. Then within’ weeks it was like that new song on the radio that they play 90 times an hour. Now it’s still there, more like a dripping faucet. drip drip fear drip drip fear worry drip avocados are the devil drip

    ooops did I type this, I meant to only think it secretly in my head.

    Lovebows, Chris

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    How perfect for halloween! I’ve been eating the devil all week. MMMM avocadevils. Yup I’m against 80-10-10. All I care about is raw food. No rules. Raw in any shape or form.

    Chris – your excellent forum about the good ole days of raw food is worth a read! Check it out everyone. http://www.goneraw.com/forums/being-raw/topics/...

  • “Again, not trying to pick nits, nor argue, but just not ‘clear’ on some of the concepts, here. I mean, certainly using a blender and/or a food processor ? By the latters NAME alone, are we PROCESSING the food ? Is it therefore no longer ‘raw’ ??? Seems to me like some distinctions must be being made that I am not aware of/failing to grasp ?”

    Raw means the enzymes are still intact, not killed by heating over 115 degrees. So cutting, blending, processing, dehydrating at low temps, juices, still means the food is RAW by our definition.

    Even animals use there teeth, claws, etc, to cut open and rip apart their food.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Rawcanadian !

    Tree of Life was really addressing “Foods As Grown” more than “Raw” I guess. Maybe I confused the two ?

    Olives allegedly MUST be given a bath in LYE before they can be made edible, so, clearly, they can NEVER be eaten “Raw” I guess ???

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Oats usually aren’t raw (even “raw” oat groats), because they’re steamed when hulled. You can order really raw (i.e. unheated & sproutable) oats from www.sunorganic.com – just be sure to order the oats for sprouting. Kasha is roasted buckwheat, but the buckwheat groats are raw & will sprout.

    Olives bathed in lye, huh? Even if it’s true (I don’t know), how does that make them not raw? Lye is what’s left after soaking ashes in water, then draining the liquid (the liquid is the lye). It is an acid & cleans things (people used to make soap out of it). Other than that, I don’t know much about it. I’m right now eating raw Greek olives that I bought from www.sunfood.com – kind of expensive, but a lovely treat!

  • Dear Angie

    Well, again, this may be just because of my unfamiliarity with the terms and concepts involved - however, to ME, the word ‘Raw’ means UNPROCESSED. Not just merely cooked, or not. Cooking IS simply ONE PROCESS and there are many others.

    Bathing an Olive in LYE most certainly CHANGES/ALTERS IT CHEMICALLY. It no longer has the same molecular structure, it is not ‘as grown’ by any stretch of the imagination —and, therefore, TO MY WAY OF THINKING it can no longer be TERMED as being in it ‘original state’ -- so, label that as ‘not being pure’ or ‘raw’ or what-have-you, to ME, it just is NOT the way that it NATURALLY OCCURS in Nature/is the way that a ‘Greater Being’ INTENDED IT TO BE.

    Either that, or this same “Greater Being(s)” DID intend for us to ALTER how creations of his/her/it were devised. Since the usage of Olives and Olive Oil IS prevalent in many if not most of The Religious Works of the World, it seems likely that God/Gods/Goddesses DID intend for mankind to “Monkey Around With Olives For Our OWN Consumption” Since, again, Olives are simply NOT EDIBLE unless they ARE treated, chemically, and ALTERED from their ‘Natural State.’

    Again, not to be quibbling, and I apologize if I am simply misunderstanding the concepts undeflying the thinking going on, here… but. then, THAT is why I am discussing it, too… because I DON”T feel that I understand, fully, what is being presented here !

    Raw, as a concept/term - does it ONLY mean ‘cooked or not cooked’ ??? Does it not have some meaning as to ‘treated with CHEMICALS ? Seems to me that it DOES ! And/or GENETICALLY altered ? Lye, regardless of how it is obtained, is a VERY Strong Chemical, and it DISSOLVES Human Tissue !

    To say that Lye,because of how it is derived, is somehow ‘harmless’ (or to imply that) is simply to ignore the true situation. There are an awful lot of highly toxic substances out there ‘in there Pure/Raw state… just because something IS raw definitely doesn’t mean that it can be eaten… least, not by a human being.

    It is actually VERY INACCURATE to classify Lye as an ACID, by-the-way… it, in fact, is a BASE, which is basically the exact opposite of an Acid… but, that is another matter, entirely. I DO suggest that you try looking up the Processing Of Olives on the net… or, if you wish, I will try to, myself.

    Olives as grown are NOT digestible.

    Also, I have a simple experiment to suggest to you. Obtain a bone, preferably a Chicken Bone (because they tend to have a small diameter, thus allowing this experiment to come to a conclusion more rapidly than a thicker bone), from some source that DOES eat meat. Place it in a glass, and cover it with common household strength Vinegar (that would be 5% or less, typically). Let it sit for a day or two. Then remove the bone. You will find that it is now rubber-like ! It will bend and flex readilly, like soft plastic ! That is because THE ACID in the vinegar chemically alters it —basically, it disolves the Calcium. Try this at home, and you will get SOME IDEA of how Lye alters CHEMICALLY an Olive -- of course, Lye is NOT an Acid, as already clarified, nor is an Olive a bone… but, nonetheless, it will serve as a Lesson, by example, of how Lye DOES change the CHEMICAL STRUCTURE of an Olive.

    Or, alternately, you could just allow Lye to DISSOLVE some Human Tissue, if you so wish !

    Regardless, again, how can something so treated be considered to be RAW ??? TO Me, it can’t…

    Consider, further, Ceviche - that is where RAW fish/seafood is put into a mild Acidic Solution (Vinegar or Lemon Juice, usually) and it gets “Cooked” by the Chemical Action of the Acid ‘bath.’

    The texture and taste of the ‘meat’ is noticably altered by that ‘bath.’

    The taste, too, of course changes. It can no longer be considered to BE ‘Raw’ and, indeed, it is NOT in ‘the common language.’

    So, even if Lye WERE an Acid, wouldn’t that STILL mean that Olives were NO LONGER “Raw” after being chemically altered by it ???

    Do you not see the discrepancies here ???

    I AM saying all this POLITELY, out of QUESTIONING, not out of trying to argue nor ‘attack’- I make that ‘disclaimer’ lest my words be misunderstood, which can happen all too easily on the ‘net…

    LOVE, and with only Good Intentions


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