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Free for someone in the UK

For some weird reason when I ordered a back copy of Get Fresh Magazine I ended up with two copies. I emailed the Fresh Network to see if they would like me to send one back, but they said no, keep it and see if I can find someone to pass it on to.

So I am offering POST FREE a copy of Get Fresh Magazine, May 2007. If you are interested email me on fiona (dot) pook (at) yahoo.com (replacing the dot and the at with . and @) and Ill pick someone at random if there are more than one – kind of freecycle like if you will.



  • Hi, i already got mine otherwise i’d jump in there! :(

  • Oh my, that’s brilliant! I’ll send you an email now! :D

  • yeh get in there AJ, its a good one!

  • haha, thanks Debs60! :D

  • Ooh I’m in there too – sorry to create competition!

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