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Meal Plans

Can I know what you guys eat in a day, so I can have a brief idea when I go 100% raw. (As I am 75% so far)


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    smoothie or hot chocolate for breakfast, piece of fruit for a snack, soup or salad and dehydrated bread for lunch, piece of fruit either with lunch or for a snack, cut up carrots or celery while I make dinner, soup, salad or other raw entree for dinner, occassionally some sorbet or something like that for dinner

  • edited December 2015

    It truly changes all the time for me. One thing I make sure to do on a daily basis is either having 1 quart of fresh green juice (I call it Plant Blood) or a quart of green smoothie (or both!) and I typically snack on plain fruit or veggies. The rest of the day varies depending on the season, the time of the month (pms – haha), whether I’m trying to fit into a pair of jeans, whether I’m up all night working, whether I’ve worked out or exercised for the day, etc.

    I frequently write about what I’m eating on my blog. You can search that for some ideas. I “usually” label it as Raw Food Intake (so try that for a search phrase).

    Cheers, Kristen Suzanne


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Definitely search Kristen’s site for the Moroccan Gazpacho recipe. It’s da bomb. ;)

    A raw day around here might be a green smoothie in the morning, a salad at lunch (or a pre-packed raw item from Whole Foods, I won’t lie), and soup or pasta for dinner. If I planned ahead, maybe something more exciting like raw tacos with marinated shrooms as the “meat.”

    In between there would be fruit, raw nuts, raisins/goji berries as snacks.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    green juice or a smoothie for breakfast. Then at some point a large green salad, with oil and avocados. More juice or smoothie, and more salad.

    Some days I feel like making something special and will make some special creamy sauce to go on the salad, or a special dehydrated recipe to wolfe down, but pretty much it is just greens, avos and tomatoes in various combinations.

    I think it is a good idea not to plan anything and eat what you feel like when you feel like it. No one has the same process and if you listen to your body rather than make a plan, it will be a smooth transition.

  • Ive been recording what I eat. Here’s what i had a few days ago: 5:00 am- banana and pomegranate 10:35 am- apple 12:00 pm- pomegranate 4:25 pm- 1/4c macadamia nuts 4:45 pm green soup(2 1/2 tomatoes, 1 avocado, some onion, celtic sea salt, pepper, 1 hand kale, 1 hand spinach all blended) 4:52 pm-1/4c macadamia nuts 5:00 pm- banana 8:35pm- banana

  • Good morning and welcome. Your B&A rules!

    Eating raw is the most rewarding thing you can do. Taking your food in your own hands is so fulfilling it’s ridiculous!

    This is a basic day for me, but it varies,of course.

    I take a teaspoon of e3live renew me in a cup of coconut water upon awaking. This is a ritual for me. then fruit for breakfast and fruit for lunch. Usually apples, bananas, you know, easy to eat fruit, cuz I’m at work. If i have leftovers from dinner I might bring them to work, but it’s kind of a hassle so that’s rare. I am all about not getting hassled.

    After work green smoothie (a couple of handfuls of lettuce or spinach, a cucumber, tablespoon of ground flax, tsp of Renew me and some fruit for flavor, filtered water and blend until smoothie), then around 8 or 9pm if I still want something I have a blended sauce over shredded vegetables or snack on seeds or fruit. I have been using manna bread balls (i just roll it between my fingers to make balls and toss it in the bowl. put it in last for it dissolves quickly) for a meat sub with my sauce and veges.

    I snack on pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds and dried fruit. Celery with nut butter is nice if i want something salty and fatty.

    Coconut water and filtered water and herbal tea to drink and i drink organic beer and wine sometimes on the weekends.

    I go to the raw restaurant about once a week. It’s a splurge, about $25 dollars, just by myself, but that includes beverage, etc and the company is always nice.

  • Here’s my Flog (food blog) for yesterday, a work day.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie-coconut water, banana, cranberries, grapes, apple, date, celery, kale, barley grass powder.

    Snack: apple

    Lunch: Jicama Mashers, raw chili, simple greens salad

    Snack: Raw cranberry tart

    Dinner: a lot of Grapes, Banana. Just had a huge craving for it.

    My dinner is often very light these days. I often crave romaine lettuce and apple by the time I get home so I make a salad of that and I am happy. Or kale salad. I always have kale salad in the fridge for when I am craving it (often) and it makes a great dinner with romaine and sprouts thown in.

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